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Looking to learn with a Russian tutor online? Whether you’re studying for exams, inspired to take Russian lessons to enrich your travels, or you need to speak Russian for business, with Learn&Co, you’ll find the entire experience fun and exciting, and that’s our promise!
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Getting started

Fast-Track Your Russian In 3 Steps


Discovery Meeting

Learn how you can achieve your language learning goals with your free discovery call. Find out the best study plan for you and get answers to all your questions.

Tutor Selection

Select the Russian tutors you believe are the perfect match for you. Engage in conversations with your chosen tutors to confirm they’re the right choice for your Russian lessons.-

Talk Like a Local

As you make your way through your Russian lessons, watch the shift from where you are now to sounding like a local. This will open up exciting opportunities you never thought possible.

Tailored Russian Lessons

When you look forward to your Russian lessons, you will always get ahead so much faster. Should you choose to learn with an Russian tutor online, you can study in the comfort of your own home, but still engage with your Russian tutor as if you were face-to-face. Online learning also allows us to welcome overseas students at Learn&Co.
Learning online is a proven format we’ve been using with great success for several years, to the point where the feedback we get from our students is that they don’t want to leave once they’ve achieved their goals.
When you take Russian lessons with Learn&Co, you can choose to learn either one-to-one, or in a small group of no more than two or three. Whilst for some, one-on-one Russian lessons work best, others prefer that social feeling of learning together and sharing the experience. We also offer face-to-face lessons, but only in London and solely on a one-to-one basis. It all comes down to what works best for you, so just let us know!

Meet Some of our Russian Tutors in London

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Charlotte Beresford | Strategy Manager at Manchester United​

“There is no doubt that learning a language is difficult, yet my time with my tutor has been worth every penny and invaluable on my way to achieve this goal. The tutoring at Learn&Co has been a breath of fresh air”


What Professionals Say About Us

Rosie G.
“Florian is an outstanding tutor! Lessons are super engaging and well planned. He was very supportive in helping me take the A2 German exam within a very short learning period. Great at explaining grammar simply Very lucky to have found him!”
Jas M.
“Always passionate and encouraging, Maria not only helped my daughter improve her linguistic skills but also led to her developing an interest in German which enabled her to achieve a grade 9 in her German GCSE! I am very grateful for all her support.”
Cecilia P.
“Tina is outstanding! Tina has been teaching my daughter for a few months and the result is amazing, she is professional and reliable. She engaged her in conversation in German as well as writing with enthusiasm and patience.”
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Book Your Free Discovery Call

Secure your spot with Maria and dive into a bespoke Russian learning experience to unlock your language potential.

Russian Tuition With A Difference

No matter the motivation behind your Russian lessons, our personalised student-tutor matching process ensures you’re paired with the perfect Russian tutor who meets your needs, goals, and current Russian proficiency level.
Our goal is to make sure you feel completely comfortable with your tutor. They’ll be both your learning companion and your trusted guide to achieving your language learning goals. While qualifications and tutoring experience are crucial, we also value tutors who have a genuine passion for helping their students realise their aspirations and know how to inject fun into the learning process.
Every one of our Russian tutors at Learn&Co is meticulously chosen by our founder, Maria Toubbe, not only for their professional qualifications and expertise but also for their dedication to ensuring student success and their ability to make learning enjoyable.

Mastering Russian Language & Culture

1-1 Focus
1-1 Focus
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By having your own dedicated Russian tutor, you'll receive undivided attention. You can ask questions, engage in discussions, and receive immediate feedback.
Boost Your Confidence
Boost Your Confidence
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Unlocking your confidence will help you initiate and participate in conversations, explore different ways of expressing yourself, without fear of making mistakes.
Career Opportunities​
Career Opportunities​
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Empower your career, enhance your employability, and broaden your horizons with exciting international prospects.
Efficient Progress
Efficient Progress
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You can focus on areas where you need improvement, resulting in faster and more effective learning.
Cultural Insight And Awareness
Cultural Insight And Awareness
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Gain a deeper understanding of Russian culture. Explore Russian history, art, food, and traditions.
LEARN Russian with learn&co

How Can We Help You?

Russian language lessons from Learn&Co are fully tailored to the unique needs of your organisation, and the individual language student. Here are some of our most popular ways of learning Russian.

Gcse & a-level Russian lessons

Over 95% of our GCSE and A-Level students have achieved Grade A* or equivalent. Our native speaking online Russian tutors will support you through your vital exam prep, using their vast experience to get you test-day ready with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to nail those all-important grades, and put you just where you need to be for your future studies or career.
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Adult Russian lessons

Whether you’re learning for business or leisure, you’ll find adult Russian lessons with Learn&Co inspiring and enjoyable. Our Russian tutors are passionate, empathetic, flexible and engaging, tailoring lessons so you learn in the way that suits you best. Choose a small group class or one-to-one Russian tutor online, or if you need to improve quickly in a limited time, why not try an intensive course?

Russian lessons for business

Our business students learn Russian for all sorts of reasons. Some have been given an overseas branch to run. Others are account managing a new client in Russia or another Russian-speaking country. Some are business owners looking to expand into Russian territories. Whatever your motivation for taking Russian lessons for business, we’ll make sure you get the best results for your investment.

What Professionals Say About Us

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“Li is patient, funny, understanding and really makes you enjoy learning Mandarin, which in my book, as a fellow language teacher, is the clearest sign of a truly wonderful teacher. 10/10 would recommend. If you're looking for a Mandarin tutor, look no further!”
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“I am so happy with my lessons with Annie and so grateful to have found a teacher who will solely target my spoken Chinese and ensure I use the correct tones. She is incredibly patient and I would highly recommend her to any level”
Adult Learner
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“Suzy is definitely 5*, if not higher! I feel so lucky that we are working with her to learn Chinese. She is a great teacher, being very friendly and good at getting the point across, but she also provides the useful background information that a native speaker possesses.”

Ready To Master Business Russian?


Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes you to master Russian will depend on various factors. These include your natural ability to learn, your language learning experience, your level of focus, how much time you spend with your Russian tutor, and how much homework you can take on.

The most important factors are how many hours you are willing to commit to practising. Speaking and writing Russian regularly will help you pick up the language faster.

Homework is a key part of your Russian lessons and your overall language learning journey, so you will definitely need to factor time in every week.

Homework offers a range of benefits, from the chance to review what you’ve learnt, to expanding your knowledge and helping you develop a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the language.

Through regular homework, you will find your Russian language skills develop faster. So be sure to allow at least 90 minutes per week for homework and Russian vocabulary revision.

Our exceptional team of Russian tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including La Sorbonne, The LSE and Oxford.

They have several years of experience in teaching students with different learning styles, and have been hand-picked by Learn&Co founder Maria Toubbe for their ability to engage with students, their passion for their language and country, and their commitment to doing all they can to make sure their students achieve their goals.

We provide a variety of services, from GCSE and A Level online Russian lessons to Russian revision camps, and from adult to corporate Russian tuition. We also offer taster classes and intensive courses.

You can contact us for a tailored quotation to suit your specific needs.