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English Tutoring and Lessons Online

Looking to learn with an English tutor online or face-to-face in London? Maybe you’re studying for UK or foreign language exams and need to improve certain skills? Perhaps you’ve recently come to live or work in the UK and need a helping hand mastering English as a second language for business or day to day living? Or maybe you’re preparing for your Life in the UK Test? Whatever your reasons for learning English, with Learn&Co, you’ll find the whole experience fun and enjoyable. And that’s a promise!


English tuition with a difference - how can we help you master the English language?

At Learn&Co, we’ve always believed that mastering a language should be a fun experience. And that with the right English tutor to guide you, you’ll enjoy learning so much that you’ll make progress faster than you ever thought possible.


Students come to us for English lessons for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you’re studying GCSE or A Level English and need to polish up on oral and presentation skills to help nail those grades. Maybe you’ve settled here on a study or work visa and could use some help getting to grips with academic or business English. Or it could be you’re a foreign national in the UK who just wants to improve your conversational skills or job prospects, or you’re preparing for your Life in the UK Test.


Whatever your reasons for taking English lessons, however you prefer to learn, our personalised student-tutor matching process will make sure you are paired with the perfect English tutor for your needs, goals and current level of English.


Our aim is for you to feel totally at ease with your tutor. They’ll be someone you can laugh with, but who you’ll always know you can trust to keep you on track for your language learning goals.


Every one of our English tutors at Learn&Co is hand-picked by our founder Maria Toubbe for their personal qualities. Whilst qualifications and tutoring experience will always be important, we believe that a tutor with a genuine passion for making sure their students achieve their ambitions is invaluable. As is a tutor who knows just how to bring fun into learning.

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "Learn Languages"

“[Tutor-student] matching is efficient – in most cases the client is presented with two or three tutors to pick from on the same day, though more unusual requests can take longer. ‘I’m recommending Maria’s services to everyone I know who needs a language tutor because she’s amazing at understanding what people need and matching students with the perfect tutor – and she’ll always find the time to talk over the phone to help wherever she can,’ said a parent, one of many who also praised the regular feedback they get about their child’s lessons.”

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Learn&Co... because there’s more to English lessons than grammar and vocabulary

With Learn&Co, learning with an English tutor online or face-to-face in London means so much more than simply mastering grammar and vocabulary. Every lesson is an experience, where your tutor will share insights into UK culture and current affairs, etiquette and customs.

It’s all about enriching your knowledge of English, so you get more out of your personal encounters, your business relationships or your studies.

Our English tutors are also chosen for their specific skills in teaching non-native English students, even those at the very start of their language learning journey.

We are also lucky enough to have a number of English tuition specialists on our team who speak multiple languages. This is especially useful when there are concepts in English that don’t directly translate, and need explanation in the student’s native language. So for example, we may pair a native Mandarin student with a tutor who is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

An online meeting with our founder Maria to chat through your language tutoring goals and discover the best ways to reach them.


Tutor Selection

We’ll send you profiles of the tutors we believe fit your learning style so you can choose the ones you think could be the best match.


Meet the Tutors

Now it’s time for a short chat with your shortlisted tutors so you can make that final decision as to who will lead you on your learning journey.


The Journey Begins!

The exciting part! You’ll organise lessons to suit your schedule direct with your tutor. But Maria will check in regularly to make sure you’re enjoying the ride.


Tailored learning, for English lessons you’ll always look forward to

When you look forward to your English lessons, you will always get ahead so much faster. Should you choose to learn with an English tutor online, you can study in the comfort of your own home, but still engage with your English tutor as if you were face-to-face. Online learning also allows us to welcome overseas students at Learn&Co.

Learning online is a proven format we’ve been using with great success for several years, to the point where the feedback we get from our students is that they don’t want to leave once they’ve achieved their goals.

When you take English lessons with Learn&Co, you can choose to learn either one-to-one, or in a small group of no more than two or three. Whilst for some, one-on-one English lessons work best, others prefer that social feeling of learning together and sharing the experience. We also offer face-to-face lessons, but only in London and solely on a one-to-one basis.

It all comes down to what works best for you, so just let us know!


Ready to learn English the fun way?

Share a few details, including where you currently are with your English and your reasons for wanting to take English lessons, and we’ll get right back to you.


Inspirational Language Tutoring

Book a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call!

Choose a date and time that suits you, and our company founder Maria will be in touch to chat through what you’d like to get out of your English lessons.


Meet our English Tutors

Viola English Teacher

Viola is an English teacher with 15+ years tutoring experience. She studied English language and literature at Durham University and has prepared more than 50 students for their own English exams. Viola always ensures she tailors her tutoring to the particular needs of the student.

“Not only is Viola exceptionally knowledgeable, but she has a lovely approachable manner and has been very flexible to work around our busy schedule and even support out of the agreed lessons with last minute queries if needed. We could not recommend her enough.”

Indiana B
Lanna English Teacher

Lanna is an MA graduate with Distinction working in London as both an actor and public speaking coach. She has over 20 years of experience in coaching public speaking and has worked with a wide range of students, children and adults and caters all sessions to specific needs.

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Lanna as a public speaking and communications tutor. She is a very willing and capable public speaking coach and I recommend her services to students of all levels.”

Carla English Tutor

Carla is a university-educated English teacher and trainer from London. She holds the Delta diploma, which is the highest qualification for English language teaching, and has 15+ years of experience working with adults and children of different ages and nationalities at some of the world’s top schools and universities.

“I can’t recommend Carla enough. She has been my tutor for years, and is very knowledgeable and good at teaching so she can answer literally all my questions about grammar, collocation, idiom, etc. She is very flexible too and always customises the lessons to my particular needs.”

Yajie, London
Lea English Tutor

Léa’s goal is to create a safe space for students to not feel self-conscious so they are able to serenely practise outside classes. She is always ready to change her lesson plans if something doesn’t work, making sure students gain confidence in their language learning and find fun in it by bringing enthusiasm and energy to the lessons. 

“I’ve been studying with Léa for close to a year. Previously, I was never able to make significant progress. However, under Léa’s meticulous instruction, I’ve improved significantly. Léa is a thorough and thoughtful teacher. She has tailored the classes to meet my needs.”


How can we help you on your English learning journey?

Read on to discover more about taking English lessons the fun way with Learn&Co…


Whether you need general coaching, or need to polish particular skills such as oral and presentation techniques, our native speaking English tutors will support you through your exam prep, using their vast experience to ready you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to nail those grades, and put you  where you need to be for your future studies or career.


Whether you’re learning for business or personal development, you’ll find adult English lessons with Learn&Co inspiring and enjoyable. Our English tutors are passionate, empathetic, flexible and engaging, tailoring lessons to the way that suits you best. Choose a small group class, a one-to-one English tutor online or face-to-face tuition in London.


We tutor many foreign nationals who have come to the UK to work. As well as teaching language skills, we offer specific expertise in explaining commercial concepts that may not translate in the student’s native language, as well as focusing on typical business situations and vocabulary, and covering the likes of UK-specific business etiquette and customs.


What our English Students say

Be inspired!

Helen D.
Read More
Viola was absolutely fantastic in every respect. She took my son to new levels in his comprehension and story writing, was so genuine, kind, supportive and very focused on the end game. She worked innovatively and went the extra mile to make sure he was well prepared for his exams. He got into a top London day school which was his first choice so we couldn't be more pleased.
Fergal Byrne
Read More
Learn&co has superb, dedicated and gifted tutors with a meticulous approach to exam preparation. I cannot praise them highly enough. The tutor we picked worked with my sons in the month’s coming up to their A levels – and worked miracles. She has a wonderful easygoing manner and managed to engage my sons in her lessons and exercises. Thanks so much for all your help.
Charlotte L.
Read More
Guillaume has been working as a tutor with my daughter aged nine years for the last four months. I am extremely happy with his work and can say with certainty that he is a highly effective teacher. His total fluency in English and French is without question, but more importantly I have found him to be an exceptionally creative and well organised person who is innovative in his teaching methods and who makes thorough preparations for his lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes you to master English as a second language will depend on various factors. These include your natural ability to learn, your language learning experience, your level of focus, how long you spend with your English tutor, and how much homework you can manage.


The most important factors are how many hours you are willing to commit to practising. Speaking and writing English regularly will help you pick up the language faster.

Regardless of whether you are studying for UK English exams, or are learning English as a second language, homework will play an important role in your English lessons and your overall language learning journey, so you will definitely need to factor time in every week.


Homework offers a range of benefits, from the chance to review what you’ve learnt, to expanding your knowledge and helping you develop a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the language.


Through regular homework, you will find your English language skills develop faster. So be sure to allow at least 90 minutes per week.

Our exceptional team of English and multi-language tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including La Sorbonne, The LSE and Oxford.


They have several years of experience in teaching students with different learning styles, and have been hand-picked by Learn&Co founder Maria Toubbe for their ability to engage with students, their passion for their language and country, and their commitment to doing all they can to make sure their students achieve their goals.

We provide a variety of services, from GCSE and A Level face-to-face and online English lessons, to English tuition for non-native speaking workers and students. We also offer taster classes and intensive courses.


Our full price list details our current fees, or you can contact us for a tailored quotation to suit your specific needs.