Why you should give your business skills a Spring clean by hiring a language tutor this Easter

When was the last time you updated your CV with a new skill? Studies anticipate that by 2030, the UK will face a widespread skills shortage

In a post-pandemic era, the need for employees and business owners alike to upskill themselves has never been more apparent. If you can add to the skills of an existing staff member rather than new ones, you save money, time and build a strong team! 

I’m sure you’ve heard the value you can bring to an employer through being multilingual. The ability to speak foreign languages, creativity and forward planning are known as “killer skills”. As we approach Easter, we are already a quarter into the new year. Why not start the process of upskilling yourself and implement a language tuition plan now?

In this article we will go through the reasons why you should give your business skills a spring clean by hiring a language tutor this Easter.

  1. Sharpens your mind 
  2. Feel less intimidated in situations 
  3. Increase your co-working abilities 
  4. A sense of accomplishment 
  5. Accountability partner

Sharpens your mind

Of course there are various employability benefits of hiring a language tutor. However, one of the more important ones is that learning a language sharpens your mind. As we grow older, the ability to exercise our brain becomes an intentional act. The things we expose ourselves to and choose to learn will have a direct impact on the way we live and work.

Research shows that people who are multilingual are better at analytical tasks, problem solving and filtering information more efficiently

Through hiring a tutor, you may be able to discover unknown potentials in your career. As your neural pathways become more active. You’ll be able to more easily come up with creative ways to solve workplace issues and find solutions to tasks. By implementing new learning techniques from your tutor. Your mind will quickly adapt to your new language. It will also provide you with value as your skills. Not only in the new language, but the sharpened skills we just mentioned, are seen as very desirable to employers.

Why you should give your business skills a Spring clean by hiring a language tutor this Easter

Feel less intimidated in situations

We’ve all been in meetings with clients where our lack of knowledge may have made us feel intimidated. Or when you’re at a networking event and just don’t have the confidence to make conversation.

hiring a language tutor this Easter is sure to mitigate those nerves

If you look at children, they seem to be fearless when it comes to learning. In the space of a year, they go from unable to hold themselves upright to running. Then from crying to expressing their needs quite clearly. As you begin your language learning journey, you may start off only being able to speak the basics. However, after a week, month or year, you’ll be sure to see not only your skills improve but your confidence. 

This confidence will inevitably transfer into your daily life. You will realise putting yourself out there is better than being intimidated by your surroundings. When drawing on your learning experiences and remembering topics of discussion. The more likely you are to feel comfortable in all types of situations. Especially when you seek out a tutor here at Learn&Co. Our friendly and patient approach to learning is sure to raise your confidence in no time.

Why you should give your business skills a Spring clean by hiring a language tutor this Easter

Increase your co-working abilities

From the time we start school, the importance of teamwork is implemented within our minds. This is an important skill to wrap our heads around, due to the fact working in a team is essential to nearly every part of life. Although we may believe our team working skills are up to par,  there are numerous reasons why this particular skill may need a refresh.

The world has become increasingly interconnected and as a result, studies based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution have been written seeing that is fast approaching. It is said to fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another and the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before! 

A large part of this development will be the way we interact with each other. Over the past two years, we have already seen the vast shift towards communicating online through various programs such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Businesses have continued to realise the value of home-working and investing into a more diverse workforce. All of this highlights the advantage of learning a language now, as it will improve your communication skills across an entire international team.

Why you should give your business skills a Spring clean by hiring a language tutor this Easter

Accountability partner

We all like to believe we can do things on our own. Yet studies such as the one conducted by psychology professor R. Keith Sawyer, Ph.D., from Washington University, found that group studying is more effective. Hiring a tutor is effectively having your own personal accountability partner. Sometimes, the excitement of learning something new at first is sky high but by week 3 the novelty wears off. You even start to question why you decided to embark on this journey in the first place! 

That’s where having a tutor is beneficial. Not only will the scheduled lessons keep you on track to reaching your language goals but they will become the first port of call when you need that extra motivational boost! Tutors give you a chance to work through any negative thoughts or setbacks. Your lessons would involve exploring your concerns with them slowly, with support and encouragement. As they are experienced in the field of language learning, they can understand and relate to your struggles, whilst giving practical tips along the way.

I hope this article has helped you realise the importance of giving your business skills a refresh! As we continue into the new Spring season, it is a chance to evaluate and implement new ways to maintain our value within the world of business. Learning a language with a tutor not only assures what you are learning is grammatically correct, but the personable skills gained are irreplaceable. 

To make sure you’re reaching out to a tutor that is also native language speaker of your desired language, request a consultation at Learn&Co. We’ll be sure to match you with one of our experienced, reliable and friendly tutors to give your skills a Spring clean this Easter! 

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