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Why It’s Worth Getting A GCSE Tutor In Modern Languages

Taking a GCSE in any language can be a daunting prospect. Even more so after the change to a 9 to 1 grading system and its complete overhaul of the language GCSE syllabus. Just the thought of those terrifying speaking and writing exams can cause any student to pull their hair out. Tutoring is a useful solution for this. The art of providing extra support to students and turning what can be a stressful experience into a rewarding learning process. Overall, there are several ways students can benefit from extending their language learning with a tutor.

Why It’s Worth Getting A GCSE Tutor in Modern Languages

  • Helping The UK Language Crisis

  • Who Benefits From GCSE Language Tutoring?

  • The Joys of A Good Tutor

  • What Else Can You Gain From GCSE Language Tutoring?

Helping The UK Language Crisis

Right now, only 38% of Britons are able to speak at least one foreign language. Entries for language GCSEs continue to drop year on year. But even with the language GCSEs being taken, only 34 per cent of pupils obtain a good GCSE in them. The need for confident bilingual students is therefore greater than ever, as there is evidently something lacking here.

It is good to think about the possibilities that stem from having the knowledge of another language. Of course, no student needs to be thinking too heavily about future jobs and career opportunities at GCSE age. However, it is useful to note that being able to speak another language could propel job opportunities for them in the future. This is especially at a time when the lack of Britons being able to speak a foreign language opens more opportunities for those that can.

This is where private tutoring plays a good role. It helps students at a greater level by providing them with the only opportunity for extended conversation practice and intensive support for exams. They can gain further knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the language. Thus, students can keep these skills stored away and utilise them in the future if necessary. Learn&Co tutors are no strangers to helping students with this.

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Who Benefits From GCSE Language Tutoring?

Private tutoring is an increasingly popular option among UK parents. Research shows that one in three (27%) students receive private tuition at some point during their time at school.  Time spent with experienced teachers has become essential for students aiming for those top marks in the new, tougher GCSEs.

Sometimes students can rely on parents or others in their community that can assist them outside of the classroom. But when it comes to a foreign language, there may not be many people around them that can educate them further on what they have learned. It is best to have a professional and experienced tutor to expand your relationship with a foreign language.

Tutoring is definitely beneficial for students struggling in class. This is because private tuition allows time for students to revise lessons they’ve found confusing with the support of an experienced teacher. Students are also given immediate feedback and extra support on any homework they are struggling with. During class, it may not be likely for each and every student to get their individual needs met. Especially if they are struggling. Tutoring can help because the one-on-one method is bound to provide a considerable amount of support to pupils.

Tutoring can also help people who feel as if they are not getting enough from their lessons. With languages specifically, teachers can only educate according to the curriculum. Most students will not be at an Advanced level at the end of the course. However, some students may like the language so much that they feel as if they want to get more from it. In this case, seeking a tutor would be of good interest to them.

Also, the best way to keep on track with learning a language is to refrain from taking breaks. Tutoring during school breaks is a very sensible option, especially with languages, because it will keep the knowledge fresh in the students’ minds. It will continue to challenge them and keep them proactively learning, practicing and working on the language. These are good keys to feeling confident when it comes to the GCSE exams.

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The Joys of A Good Tutor

With an effective tutor, students begin to enjoy the language learning process. Particularly when a good relationship is built between student and tutor. There are the obvious benefits of higher exam marks, which is essential for students hoping to go on to study languages at A-Level or University. But private tuition also provides a welcome escape from the usual slog of exam-focused school study. Thus, bringing the joy back into discovering a new language and culture.

Additionally, tutors find creative ways to keep their students interested. They could suggest Netflix series in the target language; provide opportunities to converse with a native speaker; or bring games and other resources into the lessons. What’s clear is that students who enjoy the process of practicing their language are far more likely to succeed in their exams. At the same time, they’ll build a basis of knowledge they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

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What Else Can You Gain From GCSE Language Tutoring?

Practicing by speaking the language with native speakers is one of the most important parts of language learning. However, it is also one of the enormous benefits of private tutoring. Unfortunately, students are not often able to do this within a school environment. But extended speaking practice is key for those students genuinely interested in acquiring fluency in their chosen language. It grants them the space to exert themselves beyond the limits of the GCSE curriculum. It is only when students are able to speak with confidence that the real-life uses of language learning become clear.

Learning parts of a language is one thing, but really allowing the complexities of the language to challenge you is another thing. Tutors, and most notably Learn&Co tutors, specialise greatly in this. If you are a student, this is a noteworthy plus, because it leads your brain to develop further. It improves communication, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, memory, and your ability to learn. These can prove useful even in your other subjects, and in education taken further down the line. For example, A-Levels and University.

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That brings us to the end. Studying a language for GCSEs can be nerve-racking. It is always a challenge to learn a new language, especially when you will be getting graded on it. Receiving good, tailored tutoring can definitely relieve some of this pressure. Although the benefits of language tutoring for GCSE students are clear, none of them would be effective without the right tutor.

All of our tutors at Learn&Co have been chosen primarily for their extensive experience and qualifications. We offer languages including French, German, Spanish and Mandarin. But they are also appreciated for their knowledge of what makes fun, effective teaching. We understand that the relationships built between student and tutor are essential in motivating our students to work beyond what they previously thought themselves capable of.

So please get in touch with us today. We look forward to matching you with the best tutor!

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "getting a GCSE language tutor"