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Top Reasons You Should Travel To Europe And Experience The Different Languages It Has To Offer

Have you entertained the idea of travelling around Europe, hopping from one country to another? Experiencing different foods, cultures, religions and languages? There’s a whole list of reasons I could give you as to why you should experience first-hand what Europe has to offer. The main thing being that a lot of the countries won’t require you to apply for a visa if you’re already an owner of a European passport. These include Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Russia, and more. Which makes everything that little bit simpler. In this article I aim to outline the benefits as to why you should get out there and experience everything the countries have to show you. 

When thinking of Europe as a whole what comes to mind? Is it the vast array of languages? Europe is a large continent with 24 official languages. However, an eye-watering 200 languages are spoken on the continent. There’s so much to learn from a continent so wide. Languages aren’t as straightforward as you might think. There are different dialects to consider; slang; and different pronunciations of words and phrases depending on who you ask and where in the continent you are. 

  • Optimal Way To Learn The Language
  • Opportunity To Travel
  • Advancing Your Career
  • First-hand Skills And Cultural Experience
  • Friendships
  • Broader Worldview
  • Break Routine And Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Optimal Way To Learn The Language

Being immersed in the culture that speaks the language you’re hoping to learn is definitely considered the best and most effective way to learn a language proficiently. The benefits of being surrounded by a language constantly and on a daily basis will allow you to make use of them daily. This will ensure you have the chance to hear everything in the proper context and with the local accent. Thus, allowing you to practice without even realising it.

When everyone around you is speaking in their native tongue, in time you’ll be able to keep up with them and just naturally flow into conversations. These circumstances make learning more practical and quicker. This actually helps you feel more connected to the language and the country. Plus, you feel a sense of pride as you find yourself slowly being ingrained into the culture. However, if you are interested in brushing up your language skills before you go, check out Learn&Co and the courses and languages we offer

I understand that the change in scenery and cultural setting may be scary, but the experience can also be exciting and valuable. Change is always daunting. Especially in the case of leaving behind what you’ve become accustomed to and moving countries to start a new life, make new friends, and find yourself all over again. Some hardships are worth following through, especially in this case. This is because this experience will most likely help shape your future and put you on a certain path. The experience will also help to boost your confidence. You will learn to become your own person without having people to lean on. You will have to go out on your own and find new people to call your friends. 

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “reasons you should travel to Europe”

Opportunity To Travel

When you decide to study abroad you can use your free time and academic breaks to explore your surroundings, learn about the country and experience the culture. You’ll really be able to directly learn a different way of living compared to your own. You’ll also gain new perspectives and an understanding of how people on the other side of the world live their lives. You may even find yourself falling in love with a specific country and a different way of living that you may decide to permanently reside there in the future. 

Studying abroad usually puts you in a completely unfamiliar environment, and brings you closer to places you might have never had the chance to experience. It may be an expensive and time consuming endeavour. However, if you have the funds, the benefits and overall life experience are things you can’t beat.

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “reasons you should travel to Europe”

Advancing Your Career

Additional language skills are a significant advantage when applying for jobs. It sets you apart from the applicants. Language skills are among the eight top skills required no matter the sector you’re applying for. Jobs requiring bilingual applicants have more than doubled in the last half a decade in the United States. So it’s safe to say that learning a second or even a third language is a must in the current job market. Employees need people who can communicate seamlessly with an array of customers and potential business partners. A very small percentage of the UK are bilingual, around 18%, which is very low compared to other countries. Britain is considered to be the worst when it comes to learning languages. So whether it be learning French, German, or any other European language, it would definitely allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Studying abroad also looks great on your CV. Potential employers will see that you have drive and a great deal of independence. This shows that you can embrace and conquer new challenges, making you an ideal candidate in the job market. There are no limits to what you can add to your CV to make sure you come across as your best self. Language learning abroad is definitely one of them. 

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “reasons you should travel to Europe”

First-hand Skills And Cultural Experience

When you study abroad you will be able to develop new skills and gain valuable experience, something that a regular classroom setting at home will never be able to provide you with. This unique opportunity allows you to understand your own limits, strengths and skills. This will show you how you best learn and tackle problems, helping to better understand yourself as a person. Almost every situation you will encounter will be different than if you were back home.

There’s more to different cultures than a difference in the languages spoken, food and personal habits. Culture can reflect deep within someone’s beliefs, values and how they see the world. It can be a large part of people’s livelihood. When you allow yourself to experience someone else’s culture in person you truly can understand that person better.

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “reasons you should travel to Europe”


Meeting and befriending new groups of people is up there when it comes to some of the benefits of studying abroad. You will naturally want to befriend others and meet new people, whether it’s your classmates, who are also far from home or the local people that are outside of your classroom environment. Your classmates may also be from different parts of the world, so not only will you be learning about the culture of the country you’re studying at but also other distant cultures of your classmates. You will definitely bond with people from around the globe.

Broader Worldview

Students who decide to study abroad return home with a broader understanding of the world, a new perspective of cultures that are not their own and an overall less biased opinion of other cultures, countries and customs.

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “reasons you should travel to Europe”

Break Routine And Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Studying abroad introduces you to a completely new environment, compared to what you may be used to at home. There’s an entirely different world to discover out there. Different academic structures, different foods, music, and different ways of living which you will be able to immerse yourself in. Something that you possibly cannot do or understand from the comfort of your own home or by researching online. You will also have the chance to grow and really find out who you are as a person. Consider where you want this experience to take you at the end and what you would like to gain. Being hundreds or thousands of miles away from your safety net might just be what you need to build your confidence and really find your own place in the world. 

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “reasons you should travel to Europe”

So there you have it, a multitude of reasons why you should consider taking up language learning abroad. There are so many more reasons I could give you but the best thing would be for you to actually go out there and find those reasons for yourself. There are endless possibilities out there. Once you find your footing, you’ll be able to truly understand the positive impact an experience like this can have on your life. And, if you do decide you want some assistance, Learn&Co’s specialist language tutors are always here to help.

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “reasons you should travel to Europe”