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The benefits of learning another language while in business

learning another language while in business

Learning another language while in business will benefit your prospects for the future. Being bilingual comes with many advantages to your business and enhances your personal experiences and opportunities.  While we’ll look mostly at career development and productivity boosts, we’ll also look at some of the benefits ranging from enhanced interpersonal skills to improved travel […]

How to Make Your Business Ready for an International Audience

How to Make Your Business Ready for an International Audience

Expanding a business is often one of the key goals set by ambitious entrepreneurs and businessmen. There are many benefits to establishing or expanding a business in a foreign market. Some examples include lower operational costs, increased talent pool, potential new markets and increased revenue. Although the many benefits of catering to an international market […]

10 Creative Ways for Language Learners to Earn Money On The Side

Creative Ways for Language Learners to Earn Money Studies show that more and more people are committing to learning new languages, and there’s a good reason for that! As the world “shrinks” the need to communicate across languages expands, both personally and professionally. Foreign languages are becoming more prominent in schools as they are a graduation requirement amongst many institutions. As the […]

The Top Languages in Business Today

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "Languages in Business” might have already heard that languages can be useful in business, whether you’re a start-up or an established name in the game. Knowledge of a business language can help you to connect with clients easier, and make your mark worldwide (more on that later). Languages are almost necessary in this globalised day & age, […]

  ‘The International Business’ – How multilingual marketing can take your business to the next level Without the ability to communicate effectively outside of your country there will always be a glass ceiling you will struggle to break through. So regardless of how valuable and innovative your business is. Firstly, growing a business comes with its own unique set of challenges. Each deserve careful consideration and an original approach. So […]

Why you should give your business skills a Spring clean by hiring a language tutor this Easter When was the last time you updated your CV with a new skill? Studies anticipate that by 2030, the UK will face a widespread skills shortage!  In a post-pandemic era, the need for employees and business owners alike to upskill themselves has never been more apparent. If you can add to the skills of […]

Why some of the top Industry professionals learn multiple languages Language is one of the most vital tools for any business. Being fluent and skilled in a language is incredibly useful. Especially when leading and negotiating with a diverse team of people. However, imagine being able to connect with more people by knowing how to speak two or more languages. Even at a beginner […]

Why Learning A Language In The New Year Can Boost Your Business’s Visibility

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "boost your business’s visibility"

The nature of globalisation in the 21st century has resulted in the connected world and economy we live in today.  Fueled by post-war economic booms, sweeping global movements of liberalisation and the rise of dominant multinational corporations. The importance of integration within communities and businesses has never been more vital. It’s a sure fire way […]