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Five key tips on learning a new language whilst travelling the world

Learning language whilst travelling You have your list of places you hope to see and things you want to do and hope to even learn some new skills along the way. But what skills, I hear you ask. Well, why not your language skills! Learning a language while travelling enable you to fully immerse yourself within your chosen […]

How to learn Portuguese easily and quickly as your second language Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It has 200 million speakers across Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and many other continents. Therefore, learning Portuguese is an invaluable asset as well as a rewarding experience. Learn&Co offers a variety of language tutoring services with fluent Portuguese speakers. Choose your preferred […]

How to work from home whilst managing a good work-life balance

A different language is a different vision of life Burnout is a real and active side-effect from overworking in society today. Technology has vastly improved over the last 20 years to help enhance our lives for the better. However, it has caused many workers to blur the lines between work and play. When the pandemic struck and remote working became the norm. The […]

Why you should give your business skills a Spring clean by hiring a language tutor this Easter When was the last time you updated your CV with a new skill? Studies anticipate that by 2030, the UK will face a widespread skills shortage!  In a post-pandemic era, the need for employees and business owners alike to upskill themselves has never been more apparent. If you can add to the skills of […]

How to make language learning a hobby, and not a chore with these tips

Language learning can be challenging. You may feel that language learning isn’t for you, or it just isn’t enjoyable. In this article we’ll explore a few methods with which you can boost productivity and find enjoyment in your language learning sessions. Language learning can be challenging. You may feel that language learning isn’t for you, or it just isn’t enjoyable.  In this article we’ll explore a few methods with which you can boost productivity and find enjoyment in your language learning sessions. Find people who speak the language Read the news in a foreign language […]

Need a new way to learn a language? Take advantage of Spring Sales to buy these must have learning tools Are you tired of trying to learn a language without any luck? Well, you’re not the only one. Every year, thousands of people aim to learn a new language, yet after a few weeks or months they give up. There are various reasons why people tend to stop their learning. From feeling lost in […]

10 Simple Study Hacks For Students And Adults Alike Studying for an upcoming exam, or even just studying in general can be a long and tedious process. It may sound like a simple thing to do; just sit there and read or take notes.  But it’s a little more complicated than that. Here are 10 simple study hacks to help you retain as […]

Looking for things to do in Spain? Here are the best places to visit on your next trip From Flamenco dancing to soaking up the sun on a beautiful Mediterranean beach, there’s something for everyone in Spain. Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Since Spanish culture has influenced various continents around the world with their food, architecture and religious beliefs, this comes as no surprise. In fact, […]

10 Creative Ways for Language Learners to Earn Money on the Side Studies show that more and more people are committing to learning new languages, and there’s a good reason for that! As the world “shrinks” the need to communicate across languages expands, both personally and professionally. Foreign languages are becoming more prominent in schools as they are a graduation requirement amongst many institutions. As the […]

The Most Popular French TV Series to Learn The Language, Kaamelot, and Call my Agent are just a few French entertainment shows that have captured the nation’s attention. From witty humour to relatable storylines, TV shows have quickly become a way for us to connect with different cultures around the world. At Learn&Co we welcome a 360 approach to learning. We acknowledge varying methods […]

10 Tips For Language Learning At Home

As society is becoming more interconnected and globalised, it is clear to see that learning an additional language would prove to be an invaluable asset in this evolving society. We’re all very much aware that effective communication is essential in building strong relationships with others, whether business related or personal. In this article, I will […]

What Second Language Should You Learn? How To Choose The Right One

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There are many advantages to learning more than one language. People who are bilingual have been shown to have better comprehension skills, like improved memory and problem solving skills, as well as the ability to multitask. As studying a new language also makes you a good listener, you’ll further understand your current language. This can […]

The Ultimate Guide To Listening Comprehension When Learning A New Language

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There are many different components to learning a new language. Usually, people tend to primarily focus on the following three: reading, writing and speaking. Undoubtedly, these are all most certainly important elements when learning a new language. However, there is another key element that some often neglect: the listening and comprehension part. This is interesting […]

New Year, New Language? How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

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It’s now 2022. I know, I can’t believe it either. Here we are once again, filled with anticipation, excitement, nervousness and probably some apprehension on what the new year holds. Despite the last two years, it’s important for us to have some kind of plan. Setting goals for yourself is a more fulfilling way to live, […]

How To Find An Online Language Teacher That Is the Perfect Match For You

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We’ve all seen the promises of language learning sites claiming that you can get fluent for free just by listening to podcasts. However, no app or online course will ever replace the benefits of an experienced, professional teacher. But the question on everybody’s lips is: where and how do I find a good online language […]

Why Japan Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination Post Covid

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Despite being a relatively small country, Japan has managed to capture the attention of the world through its entertainment, technology and culture. Japan has introduced the world to its cuisine through dishes like Sushi and Ramen which have become commonplace in Western society. These are already enough reasons as to why Japan should be your […]

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting to Learn Russian

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Being versed in multiple languages can be a tremendous advantage both in your personal and professional life. I am sure you are aware that languages are highly sought after in some career paths. Especially job roles that deal with customers around the world. More recently, the Russian language has been a huge advantage for those […]

A List Of The 5 Most Popular Ways To Learn Portuguese Online

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The Portuguese language has been rapidly growing throughout the last few years, and has become the fastest growing Western language after English. It is estimated that by 2050 Portuguese-speaking African countries will have a combined population of 83 million. Although, it’s not just Africa where the language is becoming useful. Surprisingly, the language is also […]

The Fastest Way to Learn a New Language in 5 Simple Steps

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Languages have not always been easy to pick up for most adults. It’s common knowledge that children learn new languages faster. But if you think about it, it comes down to motivation. A strong motivation can do wonders for a person that wishes to learn something new, and nothing could be better than learning a […]