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How Learning A Language And Expanding Your International Clients Can Help Jumpstart Your Business In The New Year

Once again, we have welcomed in an exciting new year. The end of the year is a time for one common thing. A time when many people ponder over where they would like the next year to take them. Something that may be on the agenda for many is the act of starting a business in this new year.

Are you thinking of starting a business next year? It’s such an exciting prospect. So much to consider. So many important things to think about. Like, how can you ensure your business gets up and running to a great start? Well, learning a new language can do just this. Specifically, it can cause your business to expand.

Here’s one thing that is unlikely to be a shock to anybody at this point. Post-Brexit, the UK has found itself in somewhat of a language crisis. The UK has left the EU. Thus, it may not be so easy for companies to employ EU candidates. Couple this with language learning being in decline in schools. Then, lastly, the fact that 62% of the British population only speak English. One thing becomes clear.

The best option would be for more British citizens to learn a language and expand your business in more ways than you could imagine. This article delves into some of the reasons why.

  • You Can Gain A Larger List Of Clients/Customers
  • Customers Can Trust You
  • You Can Increase Workplace Diversity
  • You Won’t Require A Translator
  • Your Social Media Can Become Bilingual Too
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You Can Gain A Larger List Of Clients/Customers

By learning a language, and having people on your team who can speak more than one language, you can expand your business. Especially internationally. In doing so, you will be refraining from staying in just one market. This opens up a number of doors for potential clients or consumers you can gain. Of course, expanding your business internationally involves a number of other steps. There are also many necessities to ensure. However, once you do this, there are several benefits.

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For starters, your business will ingrain itself into the minds of more people. Plus, be careful to ensure you are doing everything right. As a consequence, the reputation of your business will be able to increase. And people in different parts of the world can uphold it. Then, of course, you can get a lot more customers. This can increase your revenue. It can also allow you to feel more confident in your company’s progress.

Expand your business to a country or countries in which citizens speak the language. It proves very useful. You will get the opportunity to learn about these new cultures. This can be beneficial when it comes to marketing. Additionally, you will know how to communicate with and relate to customers. It can also allow you to gain an insight into how to appeal to different cultures.

Customers Can Trust You

Learning a language for your business can positively impact relations with clients or customers. This is a major benefit. Speaking to clients or customers in their language will elicit their trust. They will feel more comfortable conversing in the language they know best. This can lead to conversations feeling more informal. In turn, a strong rapport can be built. As a result, you can gain loyal customers or clients. Ones who believe in the services you are offering. Who want to be involved.

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Think of it from the perspective of an individual who may be interested in your business. They have heard about it. They’re inquisitive about what it has to offer. But they don’t speak the language most, if not all, people in the company speak. They are likely to feel uncomfortable. Nervous. Hesitant to engage in conversation. Knowing that you can speak their language will definitely put them at ease. Then, the outcome of the conversation is down to you. And for the best language learning that can produce these results, we have dedicated tutors here at Learn&Co. They come with strong expertise in the languages they teach.

You Can Increase Workplace Diversity

Lack of diversity is something that has affected many workplaces. As such, it is constantly spoken about. Specifically, it is used to educate people in the workplace. The fact of the matter is: workplace diversity is essential. And for many reasons. Most importantly of all, everybody deserves to feel as if they are in an inclusive environment. This includes a work environment. Furthermore, imagine a workplace where everybody is the same. With similar life experiences and perspectives. It is not an environment that is challenging enough. It cannot take your business to the heights it could go.

These different perspectives can evoke an increased level of creativity. They can also encourage a number of working methods and faster decision making. All of which could lead to a more productive team. These aspects can all also contribute to higher employee engagement. People want to feel included in their company. Once they feel this way, they are more likely to engage.

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Deciding to learn a language for the sake of your business is productive. However, this should also be encouraged amongst other employees as well. It is an effective way of increasing workplace diversity. Let’s say you live in Britain. You will understand that English is its national language. Or you could live in Egypt. Then, you’ll know that Arabic is its national language.

Regardless, not learning a language, and sticking to just the one language instead would be a disservice to you if you desire your business to expand internationally. And as a result, gain reach in other parts of the world. Challenge yourself. Learn just one language. It can open your mind to other cultures that exist. Consequently, you can gain a different level of understanding on how other people do things.

This may lead you to change your approach in dealings with clients from different countries. An approach that can be hugely beneficial for your business. Furthermore, with how eager you may be to expand your business internationally, learning a language opens the door for expansion in other countries. But specifically, a country affiliated with the language. For example, what if you decided to learn French? You will be able to expand to any of the several different French-speaking countries.

You Won’t Require A Translator

If you are attempting to move your business into foreign markets, there is one major error you could make. The act of relying on online translation services that you can find online. To name just one, Google Translate. Naturally, you want the best image for your business. You want to come off as professional. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. As much as possible. And to the highest degree. Imagine you casually watch a movie one day. And whilst doing so, you use an online translation service to help you out with a word or phrase you would like to know the meaning of. This differs greatly to using an online translation service or app for your business.

Picture yourself using a translation site to help you to understand a legal contract. This is something that is not recommended at all. It may cause you to miss out on some really important details. Or the translation you are given is incorrect. It is definitely not worth it in the long run. Ensure you refrain from such issues arising. You just need to take control of what could be a language barrier between some clients. Something you can do by learning the language yourself!

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On the other side of things is hiring a professional translator. A practice that some businesses partake in. They are on hand to use their extensive knowledge to really break down the meaning of things. They can explain things about the language that you do not understand. It is definitely a more suitable and effective option than using translation sites or apps.

Though, the downside of it is that it can be rather high-priced. With how skilled of a profession translation is, it is unsurprising that the fees translators may require are rather high. In the long run, you could find that it is too costly for your business. Especially a new business. Without learning the language, this is something that would have to continue long-term.

However, if you do learn the language, you will have to pay for it, although we have suitable options to be discussed at Learn&Co. There will come a point where you are comfortable with how much you have learned. Also, the level you are at. Continue utilising those language skills regularly. Then, you won’t have to pay for lessons forever. Overall, it works out a lot cheaper than paying for a translator. This means your business can save money. 

Your Social Media Can Become Bilingual Too

If more people in your business were to learn a language and become bilingual, you then have one more added fun. Connecting with more people through social media as well. This is because your social media can also be bilingual. Having a social media presence as a business is important. Especially in this day and age.

I am again brought to the points of potential customers being turned off by not being able to speak the language you speak. Or translation options on social media sites not being effective enough for people to understand. Especially if all of your social media posts are in one language.

Thus, why it is a very good idea to extend your social media channels and pages to other languages. They should contain posts created first-hand by people within your company. Particularly, those who can write in the language confidently after learning it. Or who are already fluent in another language.

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Allow your social media posts to reach out to people of different languages. Then, you are bound to get more attention. From different parts of the world, at that. This is a solid step in ensuring you are expanding and gaining international clients or customers. Of course, as it is social media, you will have to put effort into marketing and design. You will also have to ensure that your content is interesting enough. This way, it will gather the attention of others.

And with different languages come different countries. Cultures. People. Knowledge. Experiences. So you will have to do research to figure out how you can connect with the people who speak the language on a deeper level. A level that goes beyond just speaking the language. Use your findings to engage them on social media. You may just get some new business.

And that’s it! By learning a language, your business has the potential to expand and experience a great year. It can definitely grow and reach international clients. Just do your research. Then, pick a language that you would like tied to your business. Once that is established, contact us at Learn&Co. You’ll be placed with one of our professional and knowledgeable tutors. Finally, watch the results flow exponentially. And the new connections flow seamlessly.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Learn&Co!

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