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School Language Exchange Programmes UK

Welcome to Learn&Co – where exceptional school language exchange programmes await you!

If you’re ready to unlock the extraordinary benefits of school language exchange programmes that go beyond the ordinary, captivating young minds, and forging lasting connections, you’ve come to the right place. At Learn&Co, we’re on a mission to redefine language education within schools, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Elevate Your School's Experience with Learn&Co

Imagine a tailor-made language exchange programme, meticulously crafted just for your students. It’s an experience designed to be unforgettable, where every detail is thoughtfully choreographed to ensure a lasting collaboration with a perfectly matched overseas school. We’re here to handle all the challenging aspects of planning this trip, allowing you to concentrate on your strengths. Leave it to us to deliver a programme that goes beyond your expectations.

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Your Trusted Language Learning Partner

Established in 2014, Learn&Co is your top-rated language learning agency, delivering first-class language courses to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. With courses offered in 10 languages, our mission is to make learning a language an exciting journey that lasts a lifetime, inspiring confidence, and making a significant difference to a student’s language learning.

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Unleash Your School's Legacy with Pioneering Language Exchange Programmes

Whether it’s coordinating Spanish, Italian, German, or French exchange programmes, our commitment to taking your students on a life-changing journey remains the same. It’s about empowering aspiring young linguists and supporting schools in their mission to do the same. We handle the finer details, allowing you to focus on nurturing international bonds.

Your Lifelong School Exchange Companion

We believe in forging lifelong bonds between schools across borders, from the UK to France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Our core goal is to discover your ideal exchange partner, weaving a lifelong bond and ensuring your full-class language exchange programme continues to yield benefits year after year.


Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

A meeting with our founder, Maria, to discuss your unique goals for your personalised school language exchange programme.


Partner School Selection

Maria personally manages the exchange school selection process, ensuring your chosen partner is the perfect match.


Getting to Know You

Students are virtually introduced to their ‘pen pals’ to get to know each other before the first exchange visit, and schools are linked up to discuss their respective visits.


The Exchange Begins!

Students travel to their host country for their cultural experience. Then, later in the year, it’s time to welcome their pen pals back to the UK for a return visit.


Ready to Rewrite Your School's Language Learning Legacy?

Unlock the full potential of your school’s language learning journey with Learn&Co. Contact us today to embark on an unparalleled language immersion experience.


Experience Personalisation Like Never Before with our language exchange programmes for UK schools

With Learn&Co, language exchange students gain more than language skills; they also enjoy the priceless gifts of global understanding and lifelong relationships.

Consider us your guiding force, simplifying the complexities of organising your tailor-made programme. Overseeing every detail, while you and your students reap the rewards. We don’t just provide programmes; we forge pathways to success.

Shaping Futures, One Language at a Time

As educators, you understand the significance of linguistic proficiency. It’s more than just words; it’s the key to enhancing skills and shaping futures.

Our immersive language exchange programme strikes the perfect balance between classroom insights and cultural immersion, all while infusing each day with the joy of learning.


Ready to explore a world of language exchange excellence?

Learn&Co offers two main types of language exchange programmes:


Ideal for UK schools, where students travel as a class to their host country for a week of shared experiences.


Our core exchange programme, where students from a UK school embark on a collective journey to their host country. They stay together in thoughtfully selected accommodations tailored to the school’s unique needs and age group. Over approximately a week, students from both schools engage in a rich array of pre-arranged activities, fostering connections both in and outside the school. During the exchange leg, students from the partner school reciprocate the visit, sharing accommodations and spending quality time with their UK pen pals. This reciprocal experience includes school visits and cultural exploration.


Tailored for school-to-school partnerships outside the UK, with options for students to stay with host families for a more immersive experience.


Designed for school-to-school partnerships outside the UK, this programme extends the language immersion experience. When desired, we can arrange for students to stay with carefully matched host families in their respective countries, offering a glimpse into local life in addition to school and leisure activities. Our rigorous matching process involves interviews with both parents and students, ensuring an enriching and secure experience for all involved.

Ready to join the language immersion journey?

Let Learn&Co redefine the realms of language learning within your school. Reach out to us today to learn more about our fully managed school language exchange programmes.


Reviews from our School Exchange Partners

Discover what our school exchange partners have to say about their experiences with Learn&Co. Join us on the journey of language immersion today.

Liv Burnett-Armstrong
Liv Burnett-Armstrong
Head of MFL, Bedales Prep School (Dunhurst)
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"What a pleasure to be working with Learn&Co! Maria has quickly understood our school and matched us with a wonderful French school. We had our first exchange experience this year and it was hugely successful for all parties. Learn&Co understands how schools operate and respect the idiosyncrasies of different establishments, which is key to smooth arrangements to provide the best experience for the children. We are looking forward to building on the connection throughout the academic year, and the year group are already excited about welcoming their French pen pals in the summer. I really recommend using Learn&Co. as a school exchange programme."

Frequently Asked Questions

Our school exchange trips usually last around 5-7 days, but we can organise longer trips where required.

We wouldn’t recommend anything shorter than 5 days, purely because we believe that is the minimum time the students will need to fully immerse, get to know their pen pals, and glean the most out of the experience.

The difference with a Learn&Co Spanish, Italian, German or French exchange programme is that it’s all about the group experience. It’s also about bringing carefully matched schools together so they can develop long term partnerships for ongoing future exchanges.


Many other programmes are focused on exchanges between individual students. But in a group the experience is shared, which offers many benefits.


When the students are back from their trip, they can collectively discuss and compare what they learned with their language teachers. It’s also a confidence booster, travelling abroad and settling into a new environment with familiar faces around you.


What’s more, with group exchanges, everyone is exposed to a range of different accents, which is highly valuable when it comes to honing listening skills.


And when the programme develops into a regular fixture for the school, it can only improve over time, becoming something all the students look forward to being involved in as part of their language studies.

If you have pupils aged 10-18 who are studying an ongoing language programme, or are a bi-lingual or international school, then you could make a great Learn&Co school language exchange partner.


We will consider younger age groups based on individual circumstances, but we do require that the students already have some knowledge of the destination country’s language, and are actively studying that language.

Your students will visit rather than attend the exchange partner’s school. The whole point of our Spanish, Italian, German or French exchange programme is that it’s all about making learning fun. So students will visit the partner school along with their pen pals, taking part in non-academic group activities designed to help them get to know each other and share their language knowledge. They’ll have a morning games session, enjoy lunch together and then take part in fun afternoon activities.

The trips are divided into days at school, and cultural days. The cultural days consist of a morning activity which is agreed in advance between the two schools, with teachers and students involved in choosing what they do.


Lunch will usually be a picnic in a park or somewhere scenic, and then in the afternoon the students will enjoy a cultural experience or a spot of shopping to help them hone their verbal language skills.


Both school days and cultural days culminate in dinner. This could be a genial experience with everyone sharing a meal together in the house, chatting and sharing memories of the day. Or it may be in a local restaurant, to add to the students’ cultural experience.


At the conclusion of the trip, there’s an end of stay party for everyone to enjoy and say their farewells until they meet again on the return leg of the exchange.

Learn&Co will organise the accommodation for the students, which will consist of a rented house, carefully chosen to appeal to the age group and suit any particular needs of the school. Here, all the UK students and guides / teachers will stay under one roof, sharing the experience together.


International transport, as well as accommodation transfers and transport for outings are also included in our programme.


We find that the children love being involved in choosing what they’ll be doing day to day with their pen pals. So we’ll liaise with both schools to understand what they’d like to do, and then do all we can to make it happen, including taking care of all the necessary bookings and payments.

Schools may be able to obtain funding for a language exchange programme from the British Council, the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.


You can learn more here.

We offer fully tailored exchange programmes. France, Spain, Italy and Germany are our core countries, but we will consider any others from our list of language courses, depending on budgets/funding and logistics.