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Immersion Language Learning

Are you ready to elevate your language learning journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary? At Learn&Co, our immersion language learning trips are designed to be more than just a product; they’re an exclusive gateway to a world of captivating linguistic experiences, tailor-made just for you. If you’re eager to effortlessly engage, connect, and conquer a foreign language, we invite you to embark on the uniquely crafted Learn&Co immersion experience.


Unleash Your Language Potential with Learn&Co Immersion Trips

Imagine effortlessly conversing, forging new connections, and expressing yourself with confidence. Envision discussing the latest news, effortlessly asking for what you need, and responding like a local.

If these language-learning aspirations seem out of reach, it’s time for a fresh approach. And with Learn&Co, that’s precisely what you’ll get. Join us on one of our personally crafted immersion language learning trips, designed to propel you towards true language proficiency.

Your language learning ambitions, our mission

We understand the challenges and aspirations of your language learning journey. At Learn&Co, we bridge the gap between desire and achievement. We’re not just about organising trips; we’re about creating life-changing experiences that transcend language barriers and reveal new horizons.

Are you ready to take your language skills higher than you ever imagined? The opportunity to immerse, engage, and excel is at your fingertips. Connect with Learn&Co and step into a world of language learning where aspirations become accomplishments, and barriers crumble.

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Your recommended language learning agency

Since 2014, Learn&Co has been a trusted source of top-quality language tuition, catering to learners of all ages and backgrounds. Offering courses in up to 10 languages, our mission is to infuse learning with fun, boost confidence, and inspire students to savour every moment of their language learning journey.

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Embrace fluency, and take your language learning to the next level

Are you ready to transform your language learning experience and unlock the secrets to fluency? Join Learn&Co on an immersion language learning trip that will redefine how you learn and make every moment of your journey enjoyable.

Breaking Through the Fluency Barrier

For many language enthusiasts, fluency can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Confidence wavers, and native-like conversation remains out of reach. But with Learn&Co, that changes.

Your Extraordinary Language Journey

Our immersion language learning trips take you on an extraordinary adventure. In small groups of dedicated adult learners, you’ll immerse yourself in the native language every day, living like a local, engaging in meaningful conversations, and tackling real-world situations. This empowering and thrilling experience can be yours.

Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

Connect with our founder, Maria, to discuss your personalised immersion language learning trip goals.


Destination and Tutor Selection

Based on your preferences, Maria will research suitable destinations and select a native tutor guide to accompany you.


Trip Planning

Maria will personally organise your trip, from accommodations to transfers and activity planning.


You’re on Your Way!

Your fully tailored immersion language learning journey begins. Get ready to take your skills to the next level, and have lots of fun!


Ready to elevate your language learning journey?

Explore how an immersion language learning trip with Learn&Co can help you transcend the boundaries of linguistic fluency. Connect with us today to create your fully personalised experience.


Ready to redefine your language learning journey?

Are you prepared to redefine your language learning journey? Our immersion language learning trips cater to personal passions and individual tastes.

Designed for intimate groups of 2-5 adults, typically at an intermediate proficiency level, our bespoke experiences will propel you towards fluency.

By immersing yourself in the native language day in and day out, you’ll experience a remarkable transformation in your abilities. Confidence will surge, and conversations will flow effortlessly. And, before you know it, you’ll be speaking like a native.

If you’re ready to embrace a new way of language learning that goes beyond the traditional, connect with Learn&Co. Embark on a life-changing journey that will not only transport you towards fluency but also deepen your connection to the world around you.

Ready to embark on a life-changing journey towards language fluency?

Your personalised language adventure begins here. If you’re ready to enjoy the fantastic feeling of chatting like a local, talk to us today.


Our Language Immersion Trip Reviews

Be inspired by the experiences of our language immersion trip participants:

Sacha, 40Trip to Villard-de-Lans, 2023
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“The best way to make dramatic progress in any language is through an immersion stay, allowing you to speak and hear it all day long. This week-long immersion trip was brilliantly designed to boost our skills within a really fun environment: a beautiful French village, high in the mountains, with hiking, sports and great restaurants all on offer. We spent hours chatting to ordinary native speakers, a huge help for nailing down tricky conversational words and phrases. Maria tells me she’s now organising similar trips to Germany, Italy and Spain – if you’re looking to move up a level in any of those languages, these trips are a must.”
Rhodri, 33Trip to Villard-de-Lans, 2023
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"I had a fantastic immersive French experience in the hills in Vercors. Whilst the highlights were obviously the ability (and requirement) to speak French for 6 hours a day and really force myself to push the boundaries on what I could learn, the overall experience (food & drink, scenery and the company) was what really made it so memorable. The schedule was challenging but not overwhelming with a good mix of formal classes and less formal chats over a glass of wine. The accommodation was very comfortable and well located and there was a good range of activities to fill the hours of down time."

Frequently Asked Questions

Our language immersion experience trips usually last around 5 days, but we are always happy to tailor the trips or make them longer to suit individual requirements.

We wouldn’t recommend anything shorter than 5 days, however, because we believe this is the minimum time you’ll need to relax, fully immerse and participate in a good variety of activities and situations. And enjoy the beautiful surroundings and great company!

The difference with a Learn&Co Spanish, Italian, French or German immersion programme is that it’s a fully tailored experience.

Many other programmes involve prescribed trips with set-in-stone timetables. But we believe that a friendly, informal, go-with-the flow setting is much more valuable, and that participants should have the opportunity to choose the activities they’d prefer and the settings in which they’d most feel comfortable.

We also focus only on small groups, from two to five people maximum. This creates a more personal and intimate experience, more like a ‘friends trip away’ rather than a class educational visit.

If you are at intermediate to advanced level on your language learning journey, and you have found yourself ‘stuck’ or feeling you need something to push you to the next stage, develop more confidence and get to the point where you can start conversing like a native, then our language immersion programme is likely for you.

You should be prepared for a completely immersive experience, speaking only the native language all day, meeting new people and taking part in activities that will stretch your verbal and comprehension skills.

The beauty of our immersion language learning experience is that each trip is individually tailored.

However, to give some structure to the experience, this is our approach:

Breakfast together at our accommodation or in a local café
Group language lesson with your Learn&Co tutor guide
Lunch together in a restaurant or a picnic somewhere scenic

Agreed activities – either with your Learn&Co tutor guide, or amongst other natives

Go-with-the-flow dinner and drinks – out to a restaurant, or cook together at home
And as for the rest of the evening, it’s as the mood takes us!

Learn&Co will organise the accommodation and transfers, as well as all the activities. These are all included in the experience package price. International travel to the destination, and food and drink during the trip, are all down to the participants.

Our core offering is Spanish, Italian, German and French immersion courses, but we will consider any other countries from our list of language courses.

Every trip is tailored to individual requirements, so there is no set price list.
For an estimate of costs, you are welcome to get in touch and we can discuss possibilities and budgets.