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GCSE & A Level Spanish Tutors


GCSE & A Level Spanish Tutors

Whether you need to sharpen your Spanish grammar, enhance your spoken Spanish, catch up with your studies or boost your confidence to get you through those exams, Learn&Co is here to support you in achieving the results you need with a highly experienced native Spanish A Level tutor and fully tailored GCSE Spanish tuition that’s fun and engaging, so you enjoy every minute.


The Fun Way to Perfect Your Skills for Spanish GCSE & A-Level Success

Our native speaking GCSE and A Level Spanish tutors are dedicated to supporting you through your vital exam prep, using their vast experience to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to do what it takes on the day.

Everyone learns in a different way, and that’s why all our Spanish lessons are fully tailored to the style that works for you. One thing that never changes though is that our lessons are a lot of fun, because we believe it’s the best way to learn and reach your goals.

If you’ve been searching for a GCSE or Spanish A Level tutor, you’ve probably found that lots of them talk about qualifications and guarantees. But here at Learn&Co, we feel there’s more to a great language tutor than what’s on their CVs.

It’s why we do things differently, hand selecting our young and vibrant team of A Level and Spanish GCSE tutors for their ability to personally engage with our students and make their learning experience fun. Tutors who are devoted to doing all it takes to make sure their students nail those grades.

Our aim is to match you with a GCSE or A Level Spanish tutor from our team who you instantly connect with. Someone who gets you and what you need to succeed. A tutor you can laugh with, but who at the same time will keep you focused on the serious business of exam success.

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“Parents rate the company highly, with many evidencing their claims. ‘My daughter got grade 7 after being predicted grade 3.’ ‘My son was ready to give it up and finally decided to continue languages up to A level and finished with an A* – I think that says it all!’”

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Learn&Co – Because There’s More to Learning Spanish than Exam Passes

People study GCSE or A Level Spanish for all sorts of reasons. For some, it’s all about career aspirations. Others simply want to prove to themselves they can master a popular language. And for others still, it’s more to do with enriching their travel experiences. With Spanish the official language of over 20 countries, it’s certainly one of the most important – and rewarding – to get under your belt.

At Learn&Co, all our GCSE and Spanish A Level tutors are native Spanish speakers with top level experience of the education system in the UK. So when you learn with us, you won’t just enjoy exceptional quality tuition, you’ll also get to discover your tutor’s native country, as they share their knowledge of its cuisine, culture, arts, history and current affairs.

For us, it’s always been about enriching our students’ experience. Not just giving them language skills, but a great understanding of the culture behind the language. It’s something that makes a real difference when they speak and write Spanish, and can help tip the scales when it comes to grades too.

Whatever your reason for taking GCSE or A Level Spanish, you can rely on Learn&Co for a language learning experience that will get you so much more than exam success.

Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

An online meeting with our founder Maria to chat through your language tutoring goals and discover the best ways to reach them.


Tutor Selection

We’ll send you profiles of the tutors we believe fit your learning style so you can choose the ones you think could be the best match.


Meet the Tutors

Now it’s time for a short chat with your shortlisted tutors so you can make that final decision as to who will lead you on your learning journey.


The Journey Begins!

The exciting part! You’ll organise lessons to suit your schedule direct with your tutor. But Maria will check in regularly to make sure you’re enjoying the ride.


Learn Spanish YOUR way

How do you prefer to learn? At Learn&Co, it’s all about you. Prefer a one-to-one experience? We can offer that online, or face-to-face in London with one of our A Level or GCSE Spanish tutors.

Maybe you learn better in a small group? If so, why not try our online Spanish tuition, either in a group of two or three? Three is the limit though for our classes, so we can make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Whatever your choice, with Learn&Co you’ll be studying GCSE or A Level Spanish in an environment where your lessons are always something you’ll look forward to.

Whether you need to gain more confidence with conversation, close the gaps in your grammar, or you just need some personalised coaching to get you to the next level, our aim will always be to keep you passionate about learning, even after you’ve bagged those grades.


Ready to get the support you need with GCSE or A Level Spanish?

Share a few details, including what you’re studying for and the areas in which you need most help, and we’ll get right back to you.


Inspirational Language Tutoring

Book a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call!

Choose a date and time that suits you, and our company founder Maria will be in touch to chat through your Spanish GCSE and A Level tuition goals.


Meet our GCSE and Spanish A Level Tutors


Marta’s main focus is getting her students to speak the language as soon as possible by building up a solid foundation of vocabulary and grammar, whilst having fun! She loves to make sure her students are comfortable and confident in speaking the language.

Marta is amazing!! She understood immediately what I needed and tailored every session towards my goals. She always came prepared to each session with plenty of interesting material!”

Spanish tutor Alicia

Alicia is a native Spanish teacher born in Madrid. She uses a communicative approach in her lessons and always incorporates a theme to help students learn grammar and vocabulary in a natural way. One of Alicia’s greatest strengths is keeping students motivated, happy and relaxed.

“Normally my patience is very short however Alicia has my absolute respect – every lesson is well thought out, structured and she makes it great fun. I feel in control of the pace but she keeps pushing me and the results are incredibly pleasing.

Spanish tutor Silvia

Silvia is a bilingual Spanish and Italian tutor who has been tutoring for more than three years. Silvia works hard to get her students speaking the language as soon as possible by  building up a solid foundation of vocabulary and grammar, while having fun.

Silvia is a brilliant teacher. She is extremely patient. Her lessons are informative and useful but also a lot of fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to either improve their Spanish or learn from scratch. Muchas gracias, Silvia!”

Spanish tutor Claudia
Claudia B.

Claudia is a native Spanish speaker, originally from Argentina. One of the most important things for Claudia is lesson variety, keeping lessons different and interesting, to make learning a fun and rewarding experience.

“I have had one to one Spanish lessons with Claudia for some time now. She is a brilliant teacher – she understands the nuances of English and explains how to transmit that meaning in Spanish.”


How can we help you towards Spanish exam success?

If you’ve on the hunt for an A Level or Spanish GCSE tutor, and feel ready to discover more about the Spanish language tutoring services we offer here at Learn&Co, read on…


Lots of students benefit from a private Spanish GCSE tutor, either to support their school-based learning, to help them catch up, boost confidence, improve predicted grades or simply benefit from that valuable tailored learning that’s just not possible in the classroom. With Learn&Co, studying for your Spanish GCSE is a fun experience, which means you’ll absorb more than you ever thought possible.


Boost your confidence, enhance your oral and written skills and show universities or employers a well-developed understanding and ability in Spanish. Learn&Co Spanish A Level tutors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and with private tuition, you’ll surprise yourself how quickly you can get ahead with a Spanish tutor who’s focused on your individual needs and personal style of learning.


If you’re heading off to one of the world’s many Spanish-speaking countries, either as part of your GCSE or A Level Spanish studies, or just because, a fun and engaging intensive Spanish language course with Learn&Co will help you boost fluency and brim with confidence when speaking Spanish. You’ll get to practise, learn how to deal with typical everyday situations, extend your vocabulary and reinforce your grammar skills so you can better immerse during your trip.


What our GCSE & A-Level Spanish Tuition Students say

Be inspired!

Dolly Tobin
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“My son needed 3 As for his conditional offer for Oxford University and French was the weak link. We had a tutor who just taught him general French. We chose Learn&Co because they seemed to know more about what was needed for A-level. They were a bit more expensive, but definitely worth it. My son’s tutor taught him how to structure his essays. Within a couple of weeks his marks were improving. She also helped with the Spanish. He got 3 A*s. Her input was invaluable.”
Masha Zemtsova
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“Maria has been helping me learn Spanish this year and has also taught me French for a few years now. I have consistently received top grades (at A-Level and in university) because of her help. She provides lots of support and makes learning both interesting and fun. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor for both beginners and more advanced students!”
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“Couldn't recommend Learn&Co more. My tutor and I worked together for two years on my Spanish and French A Level, and she helped me get the grades I didn't think were possible! She knows how to adapt her lessons to suit each student and keep them engaged and motivated. She finds the perfect balance between professional and casual, and manages to build a solid friendship with her students. Thank you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend four to eight months of weekly two-hour tuition sessions with one of our A Level or Spanish GCSE tutors in the run-up to your exams. What you’ll need on an individual basis will be influenced by various things, such as where you currently are with your studies and how much, if any, catching up you need to do, how long you can spend practising and doing homework, and your natural ability to get to grips with the language.


You can have complete confidence however that our GCSE and Spanish A Level tutors will always be personally devoted to getting you the grades you need, or better. All we ask is that you put in the effort, and together we’ll nail it.

All our A Level and Spanish GCSE tutors set our students homework as standard.


Homework is a key part of your private tutoring, so you will definitely need to set aside time every week. Homework is beneficial in lots of ways, from giving you the opportunity to revise what you’ve learnt, to developing your knowledge and helping you achieve a greater understanding of the various aspects of the language.


Through regular homework, you will find your Spanish language skills develop at a faster pace. So be sure to allow at least 90 minutes per week for homework and Spanish vocabulary revision.

We have been experts in the online Spanish tutoring experience for many years, and were delivering online one-to-one and small group lessons long before the pandemic put a stop to in-person classes.


We appreciate that some students have doubts about learning with online GCSE or Spanish A Level tutors, but with such excellent feedback and most saying they prefer taking the classes from the comfort of their own home, we are confident that your learning journey will be nothing but positive. And fun! We also make sure that we select our online private Spanish tutors for their expertise in teaching remotely, so you can be sure of the very best experience.


Having said all of this, we do offer face-to-face GCSE and A Level Spanish tuition, but only in the London area only, and only on a one-to-one basis.

Our exceptional team of Spanish tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including The LSE and Oxford.


They have many years of experience in teaching students with different learning styles, and have been hand-picked by Learn&Co founder Maria Toubbe for their ability to engage with students, their passion for their language and country, and their commitment to doing all they can to make sure their students achieve their goals.

We provide a variety of services, from GSCE and A Level online Spanish tuition to Spanish revision camps. We also offer taster classes and intensive courses.


Our full price list details our current fees, or you can contact us for a tailored quotation to suit your specific needs.