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Spanish Courses for Business

With a tutor carefully matched to your personality and learning style, a fully tailored learning programme, and lessons designed to make you smile, you’ll find learning Spanish for business with Learn&Co an exciting journey that gets you conversing like a native professional in no time. Ready to get started with business Spanish? Join us and let’s get you en route to mastering the language that’s spoken in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Foster meaningful business relationships by learning Spanish for business with Learn&Co

Spanish, spoken in over 20 countries, is an essential language for business professionals.

There are plenty of reasons to learn Spanish for business. Whether you’re relocating for work, engaging with Spanish clients, or expanding into Spanish-speaking markets, Learn&Co is your partner for success. We’ll help you conquer the language, and build your confidence to the point where you’re comfortable communicating fluently with your business associates.

At Learn&Co, we recognise the value of cultivating strong business relationships. And that’s why our talented business Spanish tutors will be by your side throughout your language learning journey.

They will enrich your understanding of the country, its culture, and customs, making it easier for you to grasp essential commercial vocabulary and corporate etiquette. We are committed to helping you stand out and excel in your career or business ambitions.

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“Amazing at understanding what people need and matching students with the perfect tutor.”


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Tailor-made Spanish for business professionals

Traditional adult language classes which would appear when you search “Spanish classes near me for adults”, may not be the ideal choice when you’re aiming to learn Spanish for business. What you truly need is a personalised learning plan designed exclusively for you. Pair that with a tutor who instantly connects with you on a personal level, dedicated to boosting your confidence and fluency. One who ensures your unique learning style and ambitions take centre stage.

Our team of Spanish tutors, hand-picked by our founder, Maria Toubbe, meets these criteria. They are selected not only for their experience, qualifications, and expertise in Spanish for business but also for their proven ability to connect with students. If they can’t provide evidence of satisfied students, they don’t make it onto our team. In fact, for tutors to join our team, they must demonstrate a track record of clients who have highly recommended their teaching.

Working with a tutor you naturally bond with has many benefits. You’ll find you look forward to your lessons, feel more inclined to put more effort in, and enjoy a relaxed learning experience where you begin to excel a lot faster than you ever imagined. From reading, writing and conversation, to insights into culture, cuisine, history, arts and current affairs, with Learn&Co, you’ll get the full Spanish for business package.

Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

An online meeting with our founder Maria to chat through your language tutoring goals and discover the best ways to reach them.


Tutor Selection

We’ll send you profiles of the tutors we believe fit your learning style so you can choose the ones you think could be the best match.


Meet the Tutors

Now it’s time for a short chat with your shortlisted tutors so you can make that final decision as to who will lead you on your learning journey.


The Journey Begins!

The exciting part! You’ll organise lessons to suit your schedule direct with your tutor. But Maria will check in regularly to make sure you’re enjoying the ride.


Spanish for business – with Learn&Co, it’s all about what works for YOU

Madrid, Spain’s capital and largest city by population, and Barcelona, the country’s second largest city and Catalan capital, regularly feature on the ‘Best European Cities for Startups and Entrepreneurs’ list. Valencia is known for its port, logistics, agriculture, and food processing, Seville excels in culture, arts, education, and research and Malaga shines in technology and innovation. Spain, with its rich tourism heritage, is a prime country for business opportunities.

Spanish is spoken in many more countries than just Spain. So when you make the decision to learn Spanish for business, you’re definitely making an investment in your professional future.

At Learn&Co, we prioritise aligning your learning with your organisational goals and aspirations. Our tutors excel at making lessons engaging and enjoyable. They incorporate a wide range of materials, including videos, newspaper articles, puzzle books, and music, to captivate your imagination.

What’s more, we offer various ways to learn business Spanish, from beginner courses to one-on-one online or face-to-face lessons in London and small group sessions for you and your colleagues. In other words, business Spanish, your way.

5 star reviews from 100% of our students

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Last few spots available for December enrolment!
Matthew de la Hey
Matthew de la Hey
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"Highly recommended! I was a real beginner by my tutor was patient and great to learn with."
Moza Almatrooshi
Moza Almatrooshi
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"Learn&Co has restarted my curiosity of taking on a new language, and I was able to learn in such a friendly and thoughtful setting!"

Inspirational Language Tutoring

5 star reviews from 100% of our students

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Last few spots available for December enrolment!

Meet our Spanish for Business Tutors

Spanish tutor Claudia
Claudia L Experienced Spanish Tutor

Meet Claudia, your dedicated Spanish tutor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Born in Santiago de Chile, Claudia has been sharing her passion for the Spanish language for over a decade. Her impressive academic background includes a Master’s Degree in Spanish as a second language from the prestigious University of Barcelona and a Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a second language from the renowned Cervantes Institute in London.

Claudia’s teaching philosophy revolves around tailoring her lessons to meet the unique needs and preferences of her students. With her native fluency in Spanish and excellent proficiency in English, she offers a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience. Her flexible scheduling options ensure that lessons can be conveniently arranged to suit your busy lifestyle.

“I was lucky enough to find a teacher who is native in Spanish but also speaks English very well. Besides, she was quite flexible with the timings of our lessons. Based on my needs, she structured our classes and I have to say the classes were both fun and effective.”

Spanish tutor Alicia
AliciaDynamic Spanish Tutor

Meet Alicia, your native Spanish tutor from vibrant Madrid. With her dynamic teaching style, Alicia seamlessly weaves engaging themes into lessons, making grammar and vocabulary feel natural.

Alicia’s superpower? Keeping you motivated and at ease. Her impressive qualifications include a Degree in Primary Education specialising in Foreign Languages, a Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching to Adults, and Level 5 Diplomas in Teaching English: Literacy and ESOL, and Education and Training.

“Normally my patience is very short however Alicia has my absolute respect – every lesson is well thought out, structured and she makes it great fun. I feel in control of the pace but she keeps pushing me and the results are incredibly pleasing.

Alba Your Spanish Learning Partner

Alba, an experienced Spanish tutor, brings seven years of teaching expertise and impressive qualifications, including a Spanish Studies Degree and two Master’s degrees in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and Teaching Spanish in Secondary Education.

Alba’s teaching style is focused on practical communication skills. Her engaging, patient approach, combined with a strong commitment to your success, ensures an enjoyable learning journey.

We’ve had lessons with Alba for 4 years—both online and in person. Her lessons include conversation, reading, comprehension, and grammar. They are engaging and relevant, with well-pitched homework. She’s smart, fun, kind, and patient. We always look forward to each lesson.”

Jacky and Paddy Sellers
Spanish tutor Claudia
Claudia B Your Friendly Spanish Teacher

Meet Claudia, a native Spanish speaker from Argentina who followed her passion for teaching after initially studying economics. With over 13 years of teaching experience worldwide, Claudia holds a CLTA Spanish qualification and is also a qualified translator with a CertIBET in translation from Westminster University, London.

Claudia’s teaching style is all about creating personalised, enjoyable lessons that work for all levels of Spanish learners. She believes in breaking away from rigid syllabuses and focusing on building your speaking confidence, knowing that this is the key to language success.

“I have had one to one Spanish lessons with Claudia for some time now. She is a brilliant teacher – she understands the nuances of English and explains how to transmit that meaning in Spanish.”


How can we support your journey to success with Spanish for business?

Have you been searching for ‘Spanish classes near me for adults’ or ‘Spanish for business professionals’? Your search ends here! Explore the exceptional Spanish language learning opportunities Learn&Co offers, specially designed for adults like you.


For Personalised Attention

If you prefer to have the full attention of your business Spanish tutor, our one-to-one lessons are what we recommend. Choose our highly rated online format, or learn face-to-face with one of our tutors in London.


Enhance Your Learning Together

We specialise in Spanish for business professionals. Maybe you’d like to learn in a group with one or two of your colleagues or business partners? If you enjoy the social side of learning, our small group lessons could prove the perfect choice.


Accelerate Your Mastery

Whether you’re heading to a Spanish speaking country, or launching a new business or product into a Spanish market, if you need to master Spanish quickly, our intensive adult course will help you grasp the basics, or improve swiftly on what you already know.


What our Spanish for Business Students say

Be inspired!

Nadin Rayya
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"Alba is one of those rare teachers who brings skill, patience and tons of empathy to every lesson! She’s able to take complex grammatical topics and explain them in a way that’s easily understood and has consistently created a space in our lessons where I’ve felt listened to and encouraged. To top all that off, Alba is very engaging and brings humour to our classes; without her I wouldn’t have progressed as much as I have in Spanish!"
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"I first met Claudia B. as a Spanish tutor in 2015. I loved her teaching style so much that I insisted that my company work with her for lunchtime language programmes. Claudia developed a number of Spanish language programmes for groups of professionals , of varying starting abilities. She always ensured her classes were impactful, well structured, good pace and most importantly when learning a language - fun. She was always available outside of teaching hours to help and support with any questions or clarifications we needed. If you are looking to learn Spanish, Claudia is the tutor you need!”
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“It took a few teachers before I met Claudia L. in order to feel confident that I could indeed learn Spanish in a fun and methodical way taught by someone who is passionate… Apart from her ability to understand the native languages of her students she has the unique skill set to analyse the true need and easiest way for someone to absorb the matter, whether it is vocabulary or grammar, she will tailor it to a framework that will work for you… I always look forward to the next classes with her!”
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“Alicia's lessons are very professional but also super fun and very enjoyable. I haven't been able to practise my Spanish for many years, I had a solid base but had issues expressing myself. I was able to pick up with Alicia where I left it off, she was able to tailor the classes around my needs, where I wanted to go but she also made sure my base was still there. We started the lessons face to face where I could see how Alicia would teach, her methodology was not only very professional but incredibly clear and helpful. She never stopped asking me what I wanted for the next session so she can prepare some homework but also the next class. Alicia is a very good communicator and I would definitely highly recommend her.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone learns at a different rate. Your current level of Spanish, your affinity for learning and the amount of time you have to dedicate to your studies and homework will all influence how long it takes to master business Spanish.

The most important factors are how many hours you are willing to commit to practising outside of your lessons. Speaking and writing Spanish as much as you can will help you get to grips with it faster.

Homework is a hugely important part of your Spanish lessons and your overall language learning journey. This means you’ll definitely need to factor time in every week.

Homework offers a variety of benefits, from the opportunity to review what you’ve learnt, to broadening your knowledge and helping you develop a deeper comprehension of the language, including those all-important business-focused aspects.

With regular homework, you will find your Spanish language skills develop faster. We recommend you allow at least 90 minutes per week for homework and vocabulary revision.

In matching our language learners with a suitable tutor, we’ll always select those with specific experience of teaching Spanish for business.

Our hand-selected team of Spanish tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious educational establishments, and have several years’ experience in teaching students across a range of abilities and learning styles.

But for us, experience and qualifications are just part of the bigger picture when recruiting tutors onto our team.

Not only do we ensure they are passionate about their language and country, we also ask them to show us evidence of past students who’ve loved learning with them. Because for us, that’s the true measure of success.

We often find that when learning Spanish, for business professionals, online is best. It fits in better around work, and saves on travelling time.

At Learn&Co, we were delivering online language lessons long before the pandemic put a stop to in-person classes. We’re proud to relay that it’s always been well received, with most of our students saying that they prefer taking the classes from the comfort of their own homes.

Having said that, we do offer face-to-face business Spanish lessons in London on a one-to-one basis, should that be your preference.

We offer a variety of options, including business Spanish for beginners, intensive Spanish courses, online one-to-one and small group classes, and face-to-face one-to-one Spanish lessons in London.

You can book a call with Maria for a tailored quotation to suit your specific needs.