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Mandarin Courses for Business

Looking to learn Mandarin for business? The key to your success lies in finding a Mandarin tutor who you instantly click with, who tailors lessons to suit your learning style, and who goes the extra mile to make sure you always look forward to your classes. Ready to begin your Mandarin language for business learning journey? Join forces with Learn&Co, and you’ll soon be well on your way to mastering this popular language!


Need to learn Mandarin for business? With Learn&Co, you’ll enjoy every minute.

People come to us to learn the Mandarin language for business for all sorts of reasons. Whether you’ve been given the responsibility of opening or running a branch in a Mandarin speaking country, you’ve started dealing with a new client in China, or your business is keen to expand into Chinese territories, you’ll find our tailor-made Mandarin courses a breath of fresh air.

Why? Because we go all-out to make them fun, engaging and enjoyable, so that you learn faster, and love every minute of the experience.

Our team of Mandarin tutors have been hand-selected by our founder, Maria Toubbe. Chosen for their passion for guiding students towards their language learning goals, and their knack of connecting on a personal level, our tutors are widely experienced and qualified, and all native Mandarin speakers.

We offer a variety of ways to learn Mandarin for business. From business Mandarin for beginners, to one-to-one and small group online lessons and the popular intensive Mandarin course, London based Learn&Co is here to do things your way, so that you get the best possible return on your investment.


There’s more to business Mandarin than grammar and vocabulary!

Every Mandarin tutor at Learn&Co is a native speaker. As well as their exceptional qualifications and longstanding experience, they’ve all been hand-picked by our founder Maria Toubbe for their ability to engage with students.

But it’s their passion for the language – and the culture – that transforms our business students’ learning journeys.

Learning Mandarin for business with Learn&Co, as well as mastering verbal, written and reading skills, you’ll also discover much about your tutor’s home country as they share their native knowledge of culture, history, cuisine, current affairs and the arts. All of this knowledge plays an important role when it comes to learning the Mandarin language for business, because it allows you to truly engage with your contacts.

Your Mandarin for business lessons will take in typical business scenarios and associated vocabulary, as well as covering the essential subject of corporate etiquette, something that will stand you in good stead when it comes to upholding your commercial reputation and nurturing lasting business relationships.

Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

An online meeting with our founder Maria to chat through your language tutoring goals and discover the best ways to reach them.


Tutor Selection

We’ll send you profiles of the tutors we believe fit your learning style so you can choose the ones you think could be the best match.


Meet the Tutors

Now it’s time for a short chat with your shortlisted tutors so you can make that final decision as to who will lead you on your learning journey.


The Journey Begins!

The exciting part! You’ll organise lessons to suit your schedule direct with your tutor. But Maria will check in regularly to make sure you’re enjoying the ride.


Targeting your corporate goals with tailor-made Mandarin for business

Mandarin is the official language of mainland China, but did you know it’s also spoken in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and more? To learn Mandarin is to unlock a vast array of opportunities.

Uncover the fascinating countries of the Far East independently, make friends with different cultures and expand your business and career horizons.

A Mandarin language for business course with Learn&Co will always be tailored to the unique needs of your organisation, as well as those who are learning the language. Learn one-to-one online or face-to-face in London, or join a small group and bounce off your fellow learners as you master Mandarin together. We also offer an intensive French course in London or online for those who need to learn quickly in a limited time.

5 star reviews from 100% of our students

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Last few spots available for December enrolment!
Matthew de la Hey
Matthew de la Hey
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"Highly recommended! I was a real beginner by my tutor was patient and great to learn with."
Moza Almatrooshi
Moza Almatrooshi
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"Learn&Co has restarted my curiosity of taking on a new language, and I was able to learn in such a friendly and thoughtful setting!"

Inspirational Language Tutoring

5 star reviews from 100% of our students

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Last few spots available for December enrolment!

Meet our Mandarin Tutors

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Suzy was born in Shanghai and has 20 years’ experience as a Mandarin tutor. She has lived in the UK since 2001 and has experience in teaching diplomats, as well as Chinese GCSE and A level students. Suzy always makes sure to put her students at ease so they enjoy the learning process.

“Suzy has been an amazing teacher. Thanks to her endless patience and flexibility, not least of course, her sense of humour, which she has required at times in teaching me Mandarin!”

Annie Mandarin tutor

Annie is a native speaker of Mandarin, and has been professionally qualified as a teacher in China and as a Chinese Mandarin teacher in the UK. Professional, patient and passionate about teaching, Annie believes a constructive style of teaching is most effective, building solid foundations in grammar and pronunciation to lead students to fluency.

“Annie is an excellent teacher. She prepares well for the lessons, is very professional in her approach and has a good focus on what is required. I have learned a lot since I began having lessons with her.”

Li Li Mandarin tutor
Li Li

Li Li is familiar with all Mandarin exams ranging from GCSE and A-Levels to IB and the new HSK. One thing she prides herself on is creating her own learning materials and finding resources that match individual students’ interests so they have the best possible sources to learn from for their specific needs.

“I highly recommend Li Li as a Chinese tutor. I have been studying under her guidance for 4 months and during this time my Chinese ability has improved noticeably. She explains the meaning of new Chinese words and characters clearly and provides clear context about how they should be used in sentences.”

Cathy Mandarin tutor

Cathy is a native Mandarin speaker from Beijing with 20 years’ experience in teaching Mandarin. Due to her institutional teaching background, Cathy’s class is very organised and structured, consisting equally of listening, speaking, reading and writing so that students develop all four skills simultaneously. 

“Me and my mum have been working with Cathy for a while now and have really enjoyed her teaching style and found the classes to be very engaging and stimulating. Although we are at different levels, Cathy has managed to cater for both our need within our joint tutorial classes. She has helped us both improve our speaking as well as writing abilities in Chinese.”

Simone Wan

How can we help you on your Mandarin for business learning journey?

Mandarin language for business lessons from Learn&Co are fully tailored to the unique needs of your organisation, and the individual language student. Here are some of our most popular ways of learning Mandarin for business.


If you prefer to have the full attention of your Mandarin tutor, our one-to-one lessons will probably suit you best. Available online, or in person in London only, the lessons will be customised to suit your favoured learning style, and anything specific you’d like to cover.


Maybe you’d prefer to learn Mandarin alongside one or two of your colleagues? If you relish a touch of competition, and enjoy the social side of learning, then our small group lessons, with no more than three students, could be for you.


Whether you have an overseas trip coming up, or you are about to launch a new business or product in a Mandarin speaking country, our intensive Mandarin course in London or online will help you master the basics, or improve quickly in a limited time.


What our Mandarin for Business Students say

Be inspired!

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“Li is patient, funny, understanding and really makes you enjoy learning Mandarin, which in my book, as a fellow language teacher, is the clearest sign of a truly wonderful teacher. 10/10 would recommend. If you're looking for a Mandarin tutor, look no further!”
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“I am so happy with my lessons with Annie and so grateful to have found a teacher who will solely target my spoken Chinese and ensure I use the correct tones. She is incredibly patient and I would highly recommend her to any level”
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“Suzy is definitely 5*, if not higher! I feel so lucky that we are working with her to learn Chinese. She is a great teacher, being very friendly and good at getting the point across, but she also provides the useful background information that a native speaker possesses.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes you to master the Mandarin language for business will depend on various factors. These include your natural ability to learn, your language learning experience, your level of focus, how much time you can spend learning, and how much homework you can handle.

The most important factors are how many hours you are willing to commit to practising. Speaking and writing Mandarin regularly will help you pick up the language faster.

Homework is a key part of your Mandarin lessons and your overall language learning journey, so you will definitely need to factor time in every week.

Homework offers a range of benefits, from the chance to review what you’ve learnt, to expanding your knowledge and helping you develop a deeper understanding of the various elements of the language, including those important business-related aspects.

Through regular homework, you will find your Mandarin language skills develop faster. So be sure to allow at least 90 minutes per week for homework and Mandarin vocabulary revision.

Our exceptional team of Mandarin tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including La Sorbonne, The LSE and Oxford.

They have several years of experience in teaching students with different learning styles, and have been hand-picked by Learn&Co founder Maria Toubbe for their ability to engage with students, their passion for their language and country, and their commitment to doing all they can to make sure their students achieve their goals.

We have been experts in the online Mandarin tutoring experience for many years, and were delivering online one-to-one and small group lessons long before the pandemic put a stop to in-person classes.

We appreciate that some students have doubts about learning with online Mandarin tutors, but with such glowing feedback and the majority saying they prefer taking the classes from the comfort of their own home, we are confident that your learning journey will be nothing but positive. And fun!

Having said that, we do offer face-to-face Mandarin lessons, but only in London, and only on a one-to-one basis.

We offer a variety of options, including business Mandarin for beginners, intensive Mandarin courses, online one-to-one and small group classes, and face-to-face one-to-one Mandarin lessons in London.

You can contact us for a tailored quotation to suit your specific needs.