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English GCSE & A Level Tuition


English GCSE & A Level Tutors in London

Looking for tailored English tuition that comes with an added splash of fun? At Learn&Co, we specialise in bespoke language courses designed to make sure every student looks forward to their lessons, as well as nailing the grades they need for their future success. If you’re looking for an A Level or GCSE English tutor who’s a perfect match for your style of learning, your personality and your sense of humour, read on to discover how Learn&Co could well exceed your expectations.


English lessons designed just for YOU and the way you love to learn

Our results speak volumes: Over 95% of our GCSE and A Level students have achieved Grade A* or equivalent. This is a testament to our meticulous tutor selection process. We don’t just look for experienced and well-qualified tutors who hold a valid Enhanced DBS certificate and then personally interview and reference check them; we also ensure they have a track record of students who adore them.

At Learn&Co, we’re all about personalised learning. Every student learns differently, which is why we match you with a tutor you’ll instantly connect with. Whether you need to enhance your grammar, expand your vocabulary, boost exam confidence, or excel in spoken language tests, we’ve got you covered.

So, while you master the technical aspects, you’ll also gain insights into UK culture, current affairs, and conversational skills that extend beyond exams. We believe these skills are not just for exams but for life.

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“They were able to pair my son with the perfect tutor.” “They understood my son and his needs, and he looks forward to his lessons.” “Super organised and efficient and knew how to connect and make learning fun.”

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Getting you Your Target Grades… and so Much More!

At Learn&Co, our A Level and GCSE English tutors are ready to go all-out to make every lesson an exciting experience. Naturally you’ll be mastering those technical skills you need to work on for exam success. But there’s a lot more to our English lessons than grammar and vocabulary.

Our students enjoy insights into UK culture and current affairs, customs and traditions. Not only is it interesting to learn, it also forms a strong foundation for your knowledge of the English language, as well as giving you the chance to develop your conversational skills and help you foster and articulate opinions. And those are skills for life, not just for exams.

We find that students with these added talents tend to be the students who shine brightest when it comes to GCSE and A Level success. And helping students shine is our passion!

Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

An online meeting with our founder Maria to chat through your language tutoring goals and discover the best ways to reach them.


Tutor Selection

We’ll send you profiles of the tutors we believe fit your learning style so you can choose the ones you think could be the best match.


Meet the Tutors

Now it’s time for a short chat with your shortlisted tutors so you can make that final decision as to who will lead you on your learning journey.


Let the Journey Begin!

The exciting part! You’ll organise lessons to suit your schedule direct with your tutor. But Maria will check in regularly to make sure you’re enjoying the ride.


One-to-One, Group Learning, Online or Face-to-Face – You Decide!

Are you the kind of person who prefers to learn one-on-one? Maybe you love being in a small group so you can share the journey? Perhaps you enjoy taking your lessons face-to-face, or you’re more comfortable at home, learning on a video call?

With Learn&Co, the choice is yours. We offer one-to-one lessons online, and we also do face-to-face sessions, although these are limited to London and only offered on a one-to-one basis.

If you’d prefer to learn with a friend, brother or sister, then we can arrange small group lessons for you online. We allow up to three students per class, so everyone gets a good amount of attention.

We also make sure we match you to the tutor with the best track record in your preferred way of learning. Some are excellent at teaching online, whilst others have more of a natural affinity for face-to-face tuition. For us, the finer detail of matching students to tutors really matters.

English not your first language? We are privileged to have a number of English tuition specialists on our team who speak multiple languages. This is particularly helpful when there are concepts in English that don’t directly translate, and need explanation in the student’s native language. So for example, we may pair a native French student with a tutor who is fluent in both English and French.


Ready to get the tailored support from a Learn&Co A Level or GCSE English tutor?

Share a few details, including what you’re studying for and the areas in which you need most help, and we’ll get right back to you.


The Help You Need to Nail Those English Grades

Book a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call!

Choose a date and time that suits you, and our company founder Maria will be in touch to discuss your English GCSE and A Level tuition goals.


Meet our A Level and GCSE English Tutors

Viola English Teacher

Viola is an English teacher with 15+ years tutoring experience. She studied English language and literature at Durham University and has prepared more than 50 students for their own English exams. Viola always ensures she tailors her tutoring to the particular needs of the student.

“Not only is Viola exceptionally knowledgeable, but she has a lovely approachable manner and has been very flexible to work around our busy schedule and even support out of the agreed lessons with last minute queries if needed. We could not recommend her enough.”

Indiana B.

Marta is a trilingual tutor, native in three languages: English, French and Spanish. She has over six years’ experience working with a huge diversity of students, giving her the solid experience she needs to help language learners from any background and at any level.

“Marta is amazing!! She understood immediately what I needed and tailored every session towards my goals. She always came prepared to each session with plenty of interesting material!” 

Marco, London

Guillaume is an English tutor who is fluent in both English and French. He has over six years of experience tutoring privately, and aims to create a relaxed environment for his students to help them achieve their best through interactive and personalised lesson plans.

“Guillaume has been tutoring my daughter aged nine. I am extremely happy with his work and can say with certainty that he is a highly effective teacher.”

Charlotte (London)
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Léa is a bilingual English and French teacher from Bordeaux, France. She has been teaching for 10+ years, including Modern and Medieval Languages students at Cambridge University. Léa always makes sure her students regain their confidence in their language practice and find the fun in it again.

“The hours fly by thanks to Léa’s incredible positivity and energy. She has managed to help me conquer my fears of speaking French; I am not scared to make mistakes anymore and I don’t feel self-conscious during every conversation, as I used to be.” 

B2 student from Alliance Française

How can we help you achieve A Level or GCSE English success?

If you’ve been looking for an A Level or GCSE English tutor and are eager to learn more about our services, read on…


Many students benefit from a private English GCSE tutor. At Learn&Co, we’ll back up what you’re learning at school or college, help you catch up, gain more confidence, improve your predicted grades and give you that valuable tailored learning that’s never available in the classroom. With Learn&Co, studying with GCSE English tutors is a fun experience, which means you’ll naturally take in so much more.


Crank that confidence up a notch, boost your verbal and written skills and prove to universities and employers that you’ve got a well-rounded understanding and ability in English. Our English tutors are as committed to achieving your goals as you are. And because you’re getting that valuable bespoke learning package, you’ll make progress so much faster with a tutor who’s focused on your individual needs.


Whether it’s part of your GCSE or A Level English studies, you’re here on a study or work visa and looking to cross that often elusive fluency line, an engaging intensive English language course with Learn&Co will help you boost your skills and gain conversational confidence. You’ll get to practise, learn how to deal with everyday situations, expand your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar skills so you’re ready to converse like a local.


What our GCSE & A-Level English Tuition Students say

Be inspired!

Helen D.
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Viola was absolutely fantastic in every respect. She took my son to new levels in his comprehension and story writing, was so genuine, kind, supportive and very focused on the end game. She worked innovatively and went the extra mile to make sure he was well prepared for his exams. He got into a top London day school which was his first choice so we couldn't be more pleased.
Fergal Byrne
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Learn&co has superb, dedicated and gifted tutors with a meticulous approach to exam preparation. I cannot praise them highly enough. The tutor we picked worked with my sons in the month’s coming up to their A levels – and worked miracles. She has a wonderful easygoing manner and managed to engage my sons in her lessons and exercises. Thanks so much for all your help.
Charlotte L.
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Guillaume has been working as a tutor with my daughter aged nine years for the last four months. I am extremely happy with his work and can say with certainty that he is a highly effective teacher. His total fluency in English and French is without question, but more importantly I have found him to be an exceptionally creative and well organised person who is innovative in his teaching methods and who makes thorough preparations for his lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our recommendation is that you take four to eight months of weekly two-hour tuition sessions with one of our A Level or GCSE English tutors leading up to your exams.

Your individual needs will be shaped around various factors, such as whether you’ve got any catching up to do, how long you can commit to practice and homework, and your natural affinity for the language.

You can however be confident that our A Level and GCSE English tutors will always be passionately devoted to getting you the grades you need, as well as making sure you’re enjoying your lessons. And who knows, when your exams are done, like many of our students, you may even carry on your lessons!

All our A Level and GCSE English tutors set our students’ homework as standard.

Homework forms a core part of any private tutoring, so you will definitely need to set aside time every week. Homework is beneficial for many reasons, from allowing you to review what you’ve learnt to extending your knowledge and helping you develop a deeper understanding of the language.

With regular homework, your English language skills will develop faster. We recommend allowing a minimum of 90 minutes per week for homework and revision.

We have been experts in online GCSE and A Level tutoring for many years, and were delivering online one-to-one and small group lessons well before the pandemic forced learning out of the classroom.

We understand that some students have concerns about learning with online A Level or GCSE English tutors. But with such outstanding feedback, tutors selected for their specific skills in online lessons, and lots of students expressing a preference for home learning, we are confident that your language journey will be nothing but positive. And fun!

Having said that, we do offer face-to-face A Level and English GCSE tutoring in London, but only on a one-to-one basis.

Our outstanding team of English tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious educational establishments and have several years’ experience in teaching students with different learning styles, and at different stages in their learning journeys.

But experience and qualifications are just part of the reason we select our tutors.

Not only do we make sure they have a true passion for their language and country, and a clear commitment to doing all they can to ensure their GCSE and A Level students achieve their target grades, we also ask them to prove that they’ve had past students who’ve loved learning with them. And only then will we invite a tutor onto our exclusive, hand-picked team.