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Arabic A Level Tutors & GCSE Tuition

Whether you need to perfect your Arabic grammar, improve your oral skills, catch up to where you should be right now, or develop added confidence to help you through your exams, Learn&Co is here to support you in achieving the results you need with our highly experienced native Arabic A Level tutors and fully tailored GCSE Arabic tuition that’s fun and engaging.

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The Fun Way to Polish Your Arabic Skills for GCSE & A-Level Success

Over 95% of our GCSE and A-Level students have achieved Grade A* or equivalent. Our native speaking Arabic tutors are dedicated to supporting you through your crucial exam prep, using their extensive experience to ready you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to pull it off on the day.

Whatever your learning style, we’ll tailor your Arabic tuition so it’s fun and engaging, whilst maintaining that all-important focus on getting you those grades.

If you’ve been searching for a GCSE or Arabic A Level tutor, you’ve no doubt come across all sorts of qualifications, free offers and guarantees. But here at Learn&Co, we feel there’s more to a great language tutor than all of this.

It’s for this very reason that we’ve hand selected our team of A Level and Arabic GCSE tutors. We’ve gone for people who we know will engage with our students on a personal level. Tutors dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get their students hitting their grades.

We only ever take on tutors who possess a natural ability to connect and, most importantly, make learning fun.

Our aim is to match you with an A Level or Arabic GCSE tutor from our team who you click with straight away. Someone who gets the way you learn best. A tutor you can have fun with, but who you can rely on to keep you focused on those vital exam goals.


Learn&Co – Because There’s More to Learning Arabic than Excellent Grades

All Learn&Co Arabic A Level tutors are native Arabic speakers with top class experience of the UK education system. That means you won’t just benefit from the best possible language learning, you’ll also get an insight into your tutor’s native country, as they share their knowledge of everything from the arts to cuisine and current affairs.

This all-round knowledge gives our students a much more in-depth understanding of the culture behind the language. So they develop a passion that really does shine through every time they speak and write Arabic. And that really does stand them apart when it comes to nailing those all-important GCSE or A Level grades.

People take Arabic at GCSE or A Level for many different reasons. For some it’s career related. Arabic is so useful in the world of business, tourism and education. For others, it’s down to a passion for enriching their travel and cultural experiences. And for others still, it’s all about the academic challenge.

Whatever your motive, you can rely on Learn&Co for a language learning experience that will get you so much more than excellent grades.

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Who We Work With

Our Four Step Process

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

An online meeting with our founder Maria to chat through your language tutoring goals and discover the best ways to reach them.


Tutor Selection

We’ll send you profiles of the tutors we believe fit your learning style so you can choose the ones you think could be the best match.


Meet the Tutors

Now it’s time for a short chat with your shortlisted tutors so you can make that final decision as to who will lead you on your learning journey.


Let the Journey Begin!

The exciting part! You’ll organise lessons to suit your schedule direct with your tutor. But Maria will check in regularly to make sure you’re enjoying the ride.

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Learning the Way YOU Like it

At Learn&Co, we give our students a choice when it comes to Arabic A Level and GCSE tuition. For some, learning one-to-one is best. We can offer that online, or face-to-face in London with one of our A Level or GCSE Arabic tutors.

For others, they enjoy the joined-up experience of a small group. If that’s more for you, you can try our online Arabic tuition either in a group of two, or three. We never make our groups any bigger though, because we want you to get the attention you deserve.

However you approach it, choosing Learn&Co means studying A-Level or GCSE Arabic in an environment where you always look forward to your lessons.

Whether you need a confidence boost on the oral side, there are gaps in your grammar, or you just need a bit of one-to-one coaching to catch up or polish up, our aim is for you to keep on wanting to learn, even after you’ve got those grades under your belt.


Ready to get the support you need with GCSE or A Level Arabic?

Share a few details, including what you’re studying for and the areas in which you need most help, and we’ll get right back to you.


Prepare for Fluency! The Fun Way to Learn Arabic with Learn&Co.

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Choose a date and time that suits you, and our company founder Maria will be in touch to chat through your Arabic tuition goals.


How can we help you towards exam success?

If you’ve been searching for an A Level or Arabic GCSE tutor, and feel ready to discover more about the Arabic tutoring services we offer here at Learn&Co, read on…


So many students benefit from a private Arabic GCSE tutor, either to support their in-school learning, to help them catch up, boost confidence, improve predicted grades or simply benefit from that valuable tailored learning that they don’t get in the classroom. With Learn&Co, studying for your Arabic GCSE is a fun experience, and when you’re having fun, you take in so much more.


Get that confidence up to an all-time high, boost your oral and written skills and demonstrate to universities and employers a well-developed understanding and ability in Arabic. Learn&Co Arabic A Level tutors are totally committed to helping you achieve your goals, and with private tuition, you’ll make faster progress than ever with a tutor who’s focused on your specific needs.


If you’re setting off on a trip to a Arabic-speaking country, either as part of your GCSE or A Level Arabic studies, or just because, a fun and engaging intensive Arabic language course with Learn&Co will help you improve fluency and gain confidence when speaking Arabic. You’ll get to practise, learn how to deal with typical everyday situations, extend your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar skills so you’re ready to better immerse during your trip.


Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a good four to eight months of weekly two-hour tuition sessions with one of our A Level or Arabic GCSE tutors leading up to your exams. Of course, what you’ll need personally will depend on all sorts of things, such as where you currently are with your studies and how much, if any, catching up you need to do, how long you can spend practising and doing homework, and your natural affinity for the language.

Rest assured, our GCSE and Arabic A Level tutors will always be completely committed to getting you the grades you need. All you need to do is put in the effort, and together we’ll have it in the bag.

All our GCSE and A Level Arabic tutors set our students homework as standard.

Homework is a key part of your private tutoring, so you will definitely need to factor time in every week. Homework offers all sorts of benefits, from giving you the chance to review what you’ve learnt, to expanding your knowledge and helping you develop a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the language.

Through regular homework, you will find your Arabic language skills develop faster. So be sure to allow at least 90 minutes per week for homework and Arabic vocabulary revision.

We have been experts in the online Arabic tutoring experience for many years, and were delivering online one-to-one and small group lessons long before the pandemic put a stop to in-person classes.

We appreciate that some students have doubts about learning with online A Level or GCSE Arabic tutors, but with such excellent feedback and the majority saying they prefer taking the classes from the comfort of their own home, we are confident that your learning journey will be nothing but positive. And fun!

Having said that, we do offer face-to-face GCSE and A Level Arabic tuition in the London area only, on a one-to-one basis.

Our exceptional team of Arabic tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including La Sorbonne, The LSE and Oxford.

They have many years of experience in teaching students with different learning styles, and have been hand-picked by Learn&Co founder Maria Toubbe for their ability to engage with students, their passion for their language and country, and their commitment to doing all they can to make sure their students achieve their goals.

We provide a variety of services, from GSCE and A Level online Arabic tuition to Arabic revision camps. We also offer taster classes and intensive courses.

Our full price list details our current fees, or you can contact us for a tailored quotation to suit your specific needs.