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Things You Need To Know Before Learning Chinese

Chinese learning Before learning Chinese, it’s good to get to know what’s in store for you. Chinese is a language that is both easy and tough to learn, depending on your perception. Still there are some things that are essential to the language, such as the sentence order, the characters, and the different tones. If you […]

How To Learn A Language With A Full-Time Job – 8 Great Tips

How To Learn A Language With A Full-Time Job Learning a second language is no easy feat. For a busy working professional sitting down to study like a school child after a long day’s work is the last thing you want to do. But learning a language doesn’t have to be a chore and doesn’t have to take over all your valuable free […]

10 Tips For Language Learning At Home

As society is becoming more interconnected and globalised, it is clear to see that learning an additional language would prove to be an invaluable asset in this evolving society. We’re all very much aware that effective communication is essential in building strong relationships with others, whether business related or personal. In this article, I will […]

Best Ways to Teach Yourself a Language

So you’ve decided to learn a new language – Woohoo! But you’re probably sitting in front of your computer screen wondering where to even start. What’s the best way to teach yourself a language? Do you buy a text book? Sign up for a class? Download Duolingo? Whilst it’s accepted that the best way to learn […]