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Why Are Languages Even More in Demand Post Brexit?

Brexit demand for languages

Brexit demand for languages. The impacts on the UK post-Brexit are ongoing, but one of the key issues that has come to light is the language crisis that the country faces. Only one in three British citizens are able to speak a foreign language. There is also a constant decline in students studying languages at […]

The 6 Most Popular Arabic Textbooks for Students Worldwide

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for books for learning arabic Textbooks are some of the most traditional and efficient tools for learning foreign languages. They support you with fundamental mechanics of a new language as well as explanations in your native language. This gives you the solid framework you will need for the rest of your language learning journey. If you take a formal foreign […]

How to Keep Students Motivated in Lessons After Exam Season

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "Keep Students Motivated After Exam Season" Every year, students and teachers rally to put in the most effort to get through exam season. Revision sessions, mock exams and after school classes. Exam season can really take it out of any student as they strive to get the best grades possible. Teachers too pull out all the stops to achieve exam success, […]

Should you get a language tutor during the summer holidays?

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "language tutor during summer holidays" Are you thinking it would be a great idea to improve your language skills over the summer holiday? You’re not the only one. Many GCSE and A level students are thinking about having a  online language tutor over the summer holidays. Studies show that learning a foreign language has the ability to improve writing […]

Why Study French and Spanish for the IB

2 girls watching on laptop screen Finishing high school and your GCSEs is always an accomplishing feeling, but along the way students must face the dilemma regarding what comes next. Of course, there is Higher Education for those that want to continue their studies. But there are major differences between the International Baccalaureate and A Levels. Although there are further […]

Why Should You Consider Studying A Degree In A Foreign Country?

rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for “study in foreign country” It’s fair to say that we are living in a much more globalised and interconnected world. The borders that have divided us figuratively and literally are much less prevalent in today’s society. However, despite the internet and modern media providing us more information about other nations. No amount of secondhand information can trump the […]

10 Common Mistakes Students Make When Learning the Arabic Language

women reading book Learning a new language is a magnificent endeavour that opens up many opportunities, both personally and professionally. New languages are challenging, requires a lot of time, and effort. Learning Arabic is no different. In today’s world it is becoming more valuable for businesses with current or potential commercial links to Arab countries, to learn […]

Things You Need To Know Before Learning Chinese

Chinese learning Before learning Chinese, it’s good to get to know what’s in store for you. Chinese is a language that is both easy and tough to learn, depending on your perception. Still there are some things that are essential to the language, such as the sentence order, the characters, and the different tones. If you […]