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Why Learning A Language In The New Year Can Boost Your Business’s Visibility

The nature of globalisation in the 21st century has resulted in the connected world and economy we live in today.  Fueled by post-war economic booms, sweeping global movements of liberalisation and the rise of dominant multinational corporations. The importance of integration within communities and businesses has never been more vital. It’s a sure fire way for businesses to boost their visibility. In fact, it’s no surprise that a vast majority of businesses have decided to become more internationally renowned. Between 2013 and 2018, international business travel increased by 25%. Some may have thought this would be a drain on companies. However, it’s actually making them wealthier. Considering the impact events such as Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic had on governments and corporations alike, it wouldn’t be surprising if this percentage had increased after four years. 

It’s satisfying to witness businesses consciously building a more diverse and widely represented workforce. Nonetheless, the efficiency of this is not a direct reflection of the rate of international growth, within nationally known companies and start-ups. The bridge between having an internationally recognised business and integrated workforce, starts with knowing and understanding different languages. Research has shown that besides English, the top must know languages for business are Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian. All of which our language tuition agency Learn&Co can support you and your employees in learning. Let us dive a little deeper into the reasons why knowing a second, third, or even numerous languages, can help boost your business’s visibility this year. 

  • Opens You Up To The International Market
  • Increased Human Connection With A Wider Audience
  • Increase Creativity In Your Marketing Teams
  • Higher Employee Retention Rates

Opens You Up To The International Market

A common goal for the majority of businesses is growth. Whether it’s expanding the products on offer, or having the public or building offices around the world recognise you more. Each and every business can benefit from growth in one way or another. Expanding your network across international markets is certainly a way to head towards these achievements. Whilst also cultivating more meaningful relationships. Yet, companies find it difficult to reach those vital connections, with the main reason being language barriers.

Studies have revealed that around the world, it’s estimated that 60-75% of people speak at least two languages. Many countries have more than one official national language. By only knowing one, you’re essentially cutting out more than half of your potential market base. Through investing in learning the language of prospective clients, you’ll gain a positive advantage within your industry. Plus, the respect of your new associates.

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "boost your business’s visibility"

Research has shown that, when speaking to someone in their native language, they’re instantly more comfortable and display a higher level of trust. This is due to slight changes in personality and tone. By taking the time to understand their communication style, that first meeting is likely to leave a positive impression of your company. Consider how economical it would be for business owners, executive members and employees to have a larger bilingual work force in its midst. As opposed to constantly having to hire out a translator for meetings, proposals and events, you’d have a powerhouse of diverse members of staff that could drive the company to the next level. Not only will it boost your company’s visibility as a business that caters for all. It will almost certainly give you an edge amongst your competitors. 

Increased Human Connection With A Wider Audience

We live in a society where gaining a connection with your audience is worth more than any product you could possibly sell. Generally speaking, people want to feel as though they are a part of something. That their contribution to your business has made a wider impact or difference in some area of life. If you are able to connect culturally with your clients and employees around the world, your business’s visibility will be boosted. Mostly because it will be at the forefront of solutions to many problems people may face.

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "boost your business’s visibility"

When looking at the definition of ’personal connection’ it implies having a genuine bond formed. Where each person feels seen, heard and known. As a business, the ability to retain customers, clients and employees relies on having these individuals clearly seeing these notions throughout the company. If a client is not able to witness you creating solutions where you are seeing, hearing and meeting their needs, it’ll be difficult to create long lasting relationships. Languages are a gateway to building that connection by forming an environment where people feel you understand and value their opinions. Effectively, this will trickle through all aspects of the business.

A great way to ensure this is, is through a small group session here at Learn&CoOur corporate language tutoring classes are tailored to your business sector, and our exceptional tutors with prestigious educational backgrounds teach them. Through creating this personal connection, your audience can see that you are open to new cultures. As a result, you’ll be able to think of specific solutions to different parts of the world that your competitors may not be able to produce. 

Increase Creativity In Your Marketing Teams

Developing memorable, visually pleasing marketing campaigns has become imperative in this social media driven era. The essence of your marketing strategies must ensure that you are solving your target audience’s needs by your company’s products or services. However, viewers see a vast amount of content each day. Therefore, it can be a challenge to get your advertisements in front of the crowd.

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "boost your business’s visibility"

Through some research, it’s been estimated that we encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day in 2021. Compared to 2007, where the average was up to 5,000 daily. Considering the impact digital marketing has had on numerous companies, this statistic is not surprising. The question is why do some have a lasting effect on its audience than others?

And The Answer?

The answer is simply through diversifying your marketing teams. By having teams with various languages and cultures under their belt, you’ll be able to draw out unique, targeted and meaningful adverts that resonate well with your audience. Forming teams that come from places all around the world, would spark creativity. Each person would bring their own insight and experiences into the project. As businesses delve deeper into what makes their audience unique, their advantage of having localised, native speakers is sure to put them ahead of the competition.

Having exposure to a more localised touch with your campaigns as opposed to using online translator services lessens the risk of offending your clientele. For instance, when Nokia launched its Lumia phone in Spanish-speaking countries it failed miserably. They had missed the fact that the product name is slang for “prostitute” in Spanish. Nokia could have avoided this error with Spanish-speaking employees working on that product launch. Which highlights the importance of a diverse team.

Experiment with fresh concepts, new phrases and terms within your marketing strategies. And you will certainly be sure to boost your business’s visibility.

Higher Employee Retention Rates

As a business, your employees happiness is almost paramount to building a reputable company. In the same way a sunny day brings an abundance of joy during the winter months, a happier workforce creates a prosperous working environment. Studies have shown that employees who are offered corporate benefits related to their well-being are far more likely to stay with the company long-term, than at a company without those benefits. Language learning is definitely a highly sought out incentive.

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "boost your business’s visibility"

Our corporate tuition classes at Learn&Co can form tailored classes for your employees. From complete beginners to advanced speakers. You are sure to reach the personal development goals within the company. Investing in your employees is an attractive benefit that people looking to form long-lasting careers within a business will notice. People from all parts of the world would clearly see the perks of joining a company that not only seeks professional development. But also personal improvements. 


Learning a new language may seem like an added task on the to-do list. But in the world of business today it’s almost vital. As a result of investing in yourself and your employees into becoming multilingual, your business will be seen as a powerhouse within your sector. The ability to draw upon your own inhouse workers who specialise in a language, as opposed to hiring a one off translator creates a personable impression of the company

A simple way to start the process is contacting Maria at Learn&Co. You will be able to discuss the varying options you can take to begin your learning. Moving forward into the new year allows for a fresh start and the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Aim to enter it with the plan to diversify your teams. And thus, boost your business’s visibility through creative, unique and language appropriate ideas.

rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "boost your business’s visibility"