Best gifts to offer to your mother on mother’s day

Best gifts to give your mother on Mother’s day

It’s that time of year again – the day for mothers, caregivers and the special female figures close to our hearts.

‘Each year the lead up to Mothers Day can almost feel overwhelming. I mean what do you give the person who has made such an impact on your life? Are you thinking the same old flowers and chocolates just won’t cut it anymore? Are you looking for something a little less generic this year? Look no further!

Our Learn&Co team has compiled a list of Mother’s day gift ideas for every kind of mother out there. Whether it’s something to really help your mother unwind or personalised gifts to make her feel special, we’ve got it. Read on for some guaranteed shopping inspiration.

Sit back and relax

How often do the women in your life take the time to sit back and relax? Or even keep up with their physical wellbeing? This Mother’s Day, why not encourage more activities to give that much-needed time to wind down. Class passes can give your giftee the option and flexibility to be active in a way that she enjoys. These options in particular allow you to try different activities, from yoga to boxing, in a cost-effective way. So why not treat your mother to a gift that allows her to be healthy while having fun? Taking part in regular physical activity only becomes more important with age, as research strongly indicates. This is why health classes can be the gift that keeps on giving, by improving health and happiness all year round.

For those of you looking for something a little more relaxing, a luxury spa day is just as widely accessible. This Mother’s Day, why not treat that special woman in your life to a day of facials, saunas and an all round peaceful day off!

Best mothers day gifts

Liven up their life

There are lots of different gift ideas to keep your mother entertained not only on Mother’s day but at any time. From TV, film, books and more, giving your mother something to look forward to is a treat she won’t forget. Take a look at audiobook subscriptions, with access to the best streaming services today, this is a  thoughtful gift that will surely put a smile on her face. They allow your mother access to a world of new and engaging content. Also, it gives your mother the option to choose her own gift! She’ll be able to search whatever fantasy book series she’s been into lately or whichever Netflix cooking show has caught her eye!. The possibilities are endless and each as entertaining as the last.

Best mothers day gifts

Home is where the heart is

Help your mother create a better space this year by introducing extraordinary items into the household. You can stand out from the crowd by gifting handmade and custom home decor, from vases and mugs to wall art and kitchen accessories. The internet is a fantastic place to find the kooky and the inventive. One popular shopping website is Etsy, where you’re guaranteed to find a creative gift to brighten up your mother’s home. There are also tons of other websites, such as Cuckooland and The British Crafthouse. Patience is key when searching for the right home decor so make sure to try lots of avenues – even Instagram boutiques and independent artists can provide you with the next best gift!

Best mothers day gifts

Tailor your love

When it comes to personalised gifts, we’re not just talking about sticking your mother’s name on a pencil case. You can actually personalise your Mother’s Day gifts to suit your mother’s interests – this can be gardening, cooking, baking, food & drink, homeware, literature, wellness. There are online shops and websites dedicated to these interests and well worth checking out. By getting a tailored gift to their interests, it will show how much you appreciate who she is as a person. Additionally, with shopping vouchers and gift cards, you can allow your loved one to get whatever they have in mind, whether that’s books or more.

If you want to add that extra personal touch, why not try making your own care package?

The great thing about creating care packages is that you can pick a variety of gifts that appeal to your loved one. This can include everything from candles to snacks to board games. Care packages are the ultimate personalised gift, and also allow you to choose just how much or little you want to purchase. There are no rules or restrictions to care packages, so read on for a little inspiration and get cracking!

Best mothers day gifts

Try something new

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a memory they can refer back to for years to come. From pottery classes, to sewing classes to live painting or days out. There are endless ways to create a special day for your mother. One-off taster sessions or affordable courses are widely available online. These allow your mother to learn a new and exciting skill this Mother’s day that she can carry with her for as long as she pleases. Whether it’s floristry or ceramics, who knows what untapped talents your mother could have, waiting to be discovered? It could also be a great way to spend time together.

Research also points to the benefits of picking up new hobbies later in life. Many adults learning a new language, trying Tai chi or mountain climbing report finding these new pastimes deeply fulfilling and rewarding. And above all, it’s a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. If you’re looking to give the gift of language, take a look at the range of courses offered at Learn&Co. All our courses are taught by skilled language tutors and students are free to do as many classes as they like. With 10 languages to choose from and course vouchers available, you can help your mother discover a new language this year.  

Best mothers day gifts

Create memories that last a lifetime

Finally, there’s travel. Travel is now a more accessible option than ever before, especially with the world gradually opening up again post-pandemic. 2022 could be the year your mother discovers the wonders of Europe, from the Northern Lights to the Eiffel Tower. There are documented benefits to travelling in old age that suggest regular trips can improve mental and physical health. Current research shows travelling is not just a great de-stressor. Common holiday activities such as hiking, visiting museums and parks or learning a new transport system can all improve one’s well being. Exploring new territory can open your mum up to opportunities for learning a new culture, connecting with others and being physically active.

So you may be wondering where best to start? Let our Learn&Co team point you in the right direction. If you’re thinking of Europe, Italy’s a great summer destination. Also, do check out this article on where to go in Spain. If you’re looking for somewhere further out, why not suggest Japan?

Best mothers day gifts


We hope our suggestions have left you feeling more inspired and less overwhelmed about Mother’s day this year. There are definitely lots of options out there but we’re confident our tips will help choose the right gift for your mum. Check out our Learn&Co website for more travel ideas as well all the best on language learning!

Best Mothers day gifts