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Adult Tuition

Learn&Co offers one-to-one tuition tailored to your needs and objectives, as we believe this is the most active way to learn a language. Whether you want to learn to have better conversations with friends, want to understand foreign texts in their native language, or simply want to expand your skill set and learn a new language, we are here to support you. There is no minimum number of lessons required, so start with a free consultation today.

Course Description

While each lesson is dierent, they all share a 360-approach to learning focusing on more than just grammar and vocabulary. By immersing yourself in real life topics you will both learn to speak with confidence and learn the practical use of your language, not simply how it is presented in a textbook!

For each of your lessons, your tutor will prepare a text applicable to your level and on a topic of your interest. This will be used as a base for the first half of the lesson, with your knowledge growing as you interact with the piece. This element of lessons is imperative as we have found it is how students best pick up a new language and apply it to their life around them.

In the second half of your lesson, you and your tutor will focus on grammar and vocabulary. This will involve partaking in exercises and doing tests to test your knowledge and determine your progress. This will be tailored to your need and level and your tutor will ensure to make it fun and engaging so you feel challenged and enjoy yourself whilst learning.

At the end of your lesson, you will have practiced and improved your conversational skills, picked up new vocabulary, and will have learnt about at least one new aspect of your language’s grammar. 

To end, you and your tutor will consolidate your knowledge by going over what you have learnt and look to the future to determine how best you can prepare for your next lesson!

Our Teachers

We have a team of experienced, professional and friendly native tutors, all of whom are well versed in guiding students through language studies and drawing out their full potential. These teachers have studied at some of the top universities in the world and have considerable experience in the tutoring industry.

See some of them below!

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Hi there, my name’s Claudia. I have a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from Universitat de Barcelona, a Certificate of Grammar for Spanish Teachers, and a Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults from Cervantes Institute. I have specialised as a Corporate Spanish teacher and have taught in business schools recognised worldwide as ESADE.

Hello, my name is Rosie and I am a bilingual German & English teacher from Oxford.I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in German & French and a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA). I have experience heIping students with professional exams and oer specific classes on areas like pronunciation and public speaking.

Hello! I’m Cathy, a Chinese Mandarin tutor. I am a native Mandarin speaker from Beijing and have been teaching Mandarin in London for 20 years. I formerly worked as a university lecturer for a Business Chinese course and currently teach business Chinese to corporate clients. Having worked in the corporate world in China, I’m able to pass on my knowledge of the environment to students.

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