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About Us

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We offer support to schools, businesses, and individuals who want to ripen themselves by learning new languages.

Founded in 2014, Learn&Co has been the public’s go-to language solution provider.

With our expertise, language barriers will drop to your feet.

Solutions Tailored to You

As a language provider, we strive to find solutions that suit the needs of each of you by understanding what motivates you to learn new languages.

Above all we want to remove as many barriers for our clients as possible by establishing a culture that puts you first. If you like it, we love it!

Meaningful Relationships

Our sole focus isn’t to get you in and out of the door as soon as possible.

We aim to build meaningful relationships with the people that choose to invest their time and efforts with us. Each moment you spend with us will inspire you to take the next step on your language adventure.

Collaborative Experience

For over ten years, Learn&Co has spared thousands of people from poor language education by understanding that each person deserves a personalised learning experience.

We believe learning new languages should be a collaborative experience. To preserve your sanity, we take the time to embrace your passions and encourage you to love languages.

Who we work with

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Born in 1983, in a place called Lille in the north of France, I grew up immersed in a mix of cultures.

My natural predisposition for languages led me to start learning German at the age of 5. Soon followed by English, and then later on Spanish and Italian.


After two Masters at La Sorbonne, one in International Relations & Languages and the other one in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations, I lived and worked in Spain, Italy, Germany and finally settled in the UK.


Living and working abroad has been one of the best decision I ever made and set up the tone with how I would love my life moving forward.


At Learn&Co, we do things differently. Everyone is unique and that’s why we will create a programme just for you. At your pace and according to your abilities.